Jodie Is A Lil Chocolate Teen From Down The Street I Play Video Games With From Time To Time. He Woke Me Up One Morning Jumping On My Trampolene! We'd Never Done Anything Sexually Together Cept Hang Out And Play Sony Or Shoot Hoops. He Always Sags His Pants Low When Hes Around Me So I Asked Him In For Some Breakfast (Frosted Flakes) And Pulled Out My Cam Afterwards... Lets Just Say Some Things Happened That I Never Expected Haha.. Shocked Me When He Actually Pulled His Dick Out And Started Jacking With Me. Then Even More When He Grabbed My Dick To Help Me Jack My Own.... - @Yuck See Around The World      Pt. 3.5 For The Finale Of Jodie 's First Foray Into The Yuckness 😛

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