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    Yuck Boys – Flooded (Phase One)

    I Did A Show WithYuck Boy A Few Weeks Ago. It Went Somewhat Okay Until He Tried To Stick His Cock In My Ass. I Simply Couldnt Take It. I Hadnt Been Fucked In A While And It Hurt Too Bad. After The Show, He’d Mentioned That He Hadn’t Nutted In About 3 Days. That Explains Why It Was So Hard And Long When He Tried To Put It Inside My Butt. He Wanted To Fuck But Said He Didn’t Want To Waste A Good Cum Shot Without Filming It For The Site At Least. I Was Still A Bit Sore From The Attempt To Rail Me Earlier ….I Told Him I Probably Still Wouldn’t Be Able To Take It, But If He Found Another Hole For Us To Use, I’d Be Down To Play With Him As Well. More

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