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    The Mormon Encounter- Part 1 (BBC Study)

    I Heard The Door Bell Ring Again. . . Twice In The Same Half- Hour, Ive Been Avoiding My Morman Friends All Day, Except This Time, It Was JustRandy By Himself Without His Co-Minister Ely. I Invited Him In Wearing Just My Jock Shorts And A Bulge beneath. . . Semi Hard Already Just From The Thought Of What Was Likely To Come. The Guy Sat On The Futon Couch Immediately, Perhaps Trying To Hide His Own Hard Dick. As He Began Speaking, It Became Obvious His Eyes Were Glancing At My Dick Head That Was Brimming Atop My Shorts By Now. I Went For it… Just Said “Fuck It I Need My Dick Sucked” … He Unexpectedly Pulled His Pants Down To His Ankles. Still In Shock No Doubt, But Shit I Was Horny And Pulled My Shorts All The Way Down Too! It Went From A Litttle Bit Of Dick Sucking, To Him Getting To FeelMy Big Cock Rip Open His Hole. He Squeezed His Hole Trying To Stop It But There Was No Keeping Me Out Of His Guts.“That’s So Fucking Deep”- He Exclaimed In Pain. It Was Difficult For My Dick To Keep Hard In His Tight Virgin Ass But I Pushed Past His Cherry Anyways. Steadily Moving It In And Out, His Ass Sphincter Gripping And Suctioning My Cock The Whole Way. My Big Dick Inside Him Sent Pulses Through His Own More

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    The Rookie

    Ever Had One Of Those Straight Boys That Hits You Up Every Now And Then, Talks Real Nasty To You And Asks You To Do TheDamnedestThings To Him? Things ThatYou Know He’d More Than Likely Chicken Out Of If He Ever Even Got The Guts To Come Over? Meet “The Rookie” :P One Of HisWild Horny Nights Last Weekend , He Hit Me Up Yet Again With His Usual Freak Tease. Saying Shit LikeHe’d Been Practicing With His Hole For A Few Months Now Eversince He’d Been Talkin’ To Me About It, And That He’d Tried A Few Household Items Like Screwdriver Handles And Napkin Holders ForToys ButThat No Cock Had Ever Been In It He Swore. Told Me That He’dDropped His Bitch Off At A Party And Wanted To Come Over While He Had The Chance. He Also Said He’d Seen A Video Called “Train Wrecked” Where I Had Helped A Dude Train His Hole To Open Bigger And Wanted To See If I Would Help Train His Hole The Same Way Using My Dick Though Instead Of His Toys. I Think His Words Were “You Can Do Whatever You Want To Me I Swear I’ll Take It”. I Told Him I Was Recording With A Friend And That He’d Have To Join In If He Wanted To Come Over. He Said Cool And One And A Half Hours Later He Calls And Says “Hey I’m Outside”. I’m Like “Holy Shit The Lil Punk Actually Grew Some Nuts!” And Let Him In. After A Good Conversation About Absolutely Nothing To Do With What I Was About To Do ToHim Or What My Friend Erick “Trouble” Was About To Assist Me With. That Turned Out To Be A Pretty Wild Night. Lasted About 4hrs And In Total There Are About 5 Cum Shots. Since This Video Wont Be Released For A While If At All, I Figured I Would Share This Clip With You Guys Since It’s Not On Our Current 6wk Schedule For The Site List But It’sDefinitelyClassic Straight Bait Shit And That’s Where @Yuck Excels! More

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