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    Yuck Boys – Street Trash – Glazed

    Marky CameIn And Instantly Gets Naked Once He Sees The Camera Show Is Rolling. He Laid On The Couch And Blaze And Myself Figured We’d Play A Little Game And Tie Marky Up. After Clowning Around And Punking MarkyOut A Bit, We Decided To Lay Some Pipe. I Decided To Show Blaze The Path LoL. I Pulled My Dick Out Fast And Started Sliding In Marky. Opening Him Up. Trying To Make It Look Fun For MyAlmost Converted Straight Friend. I Eventually Said Fuck It And Offered Marky’s Ass To Blaze. Told Him To Just Stick The Head In “For The Show” . To My Surprise, Blaze Didnt Hesitate As Much As I Thought He Would And Climbed Up On Top Of Marky’s Back To Mount. More

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