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    Loxed Out! – Blast Masters

    After Gettin’ Yuck Boy Turnt Up From Letting Him Get Some Good Ass Play And Then Riding His Dick, Lox Pulled A Surprise Move And Presented His Tight Black Teen Pussy Over To @Yuck For Him To Do With What He Pleased. Yuck Eases It In Lox ‘s Round Firm Bubble Butt At First To Let Him Get A Feel For The Girth Of His Huge BBC. Eventually Yuck Shows No Mercy. Even Causing Poor Lox To Shoot While He’s Gettin’ Fucked Deep. Yuck Had Already Shot A Huge Thick Load Inside Lox, Then Goes For Another One. You Can See The Cum Spraying Out Of Lox ‘s Ass While Yuck Plunges In And Out Scrapin’ Lox ‘s Ribcage No Doubt. Definately Shouldve Named This One “Loxed In” Cuz This Dude Was Definately Filled In After Yucks Ravaging Session. Yuck’s Dick Seemed To Be On Steroids! Make Sure To Check Out The Other Parts Of Loxed Out More

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