Yuck Boys – Wet Wet (Sneaker)

"Wet Wet (Sneak Preview)"

He Just Got Real Horny One Day After I Told Him I Could Smell The Sweat From His Crotch. He Just Replied "Oh Yeah?" And Asked Me "Why Don't You Clean It Up For Me"? I Obliged. Ironically, Even With The Shower Only Mere Feet Away, His Musky Pubes Grazed My Nose While His Full Sac Swung Merrily Between His Thighs. Luckily He Didn't Take Very Long To Nutt This Time When He Put His Big Black Monster Dick In My Ass Though. His Dick Gets Extremely Solid When He's In An Edging Mood And It Hurts My Tight Hole Like Hell. He Ended Up Breeding Me And Then Pulling Out And Cumming Again On And Between My Ass Cheeks. Excuse My Loud Moans. They Are Definitely Moans Of Pleasure.

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