Yuck Boys

A "Yuck Boy" Is A Guy Who Is Outwardly Aware Of His Inner Nastiness, Embraces It, And Shares It With Others Who Would Enjoy Sharing Their Inner Nastiness Just The Same. Those Late Night Hookups, Those Bareback Situations, Those Public Encouters, Even Just Locking Yourself In The Bathroom For Hours Browsing Porn And Edging And Watching Others. Yuck Boys Do The Things No One Wants Anyone Else To Know That They Do, And Are Proud Of It. Who Knows, Maybe A Yuck Boy And Another Yuck Boy Can Get Together Some Day And Make Some Really Nasty Film And Photos :P

This Site

 Yuckboyslive.com Was Created As A Medium To Bring Our Audience A More Efficient Way To Access All Of Our Content. It's A Haven For Everything Yuck Boys Without All The Bullshit! Born On November, 7 2014, It Spawned From Yuckboys.com As A Showcase To Compliment Our Live Broadcasts And Recordings.

The "Live" Factor

At Least 60% Of Our Recordings Are Performed Live During A Broadcast. Some Of The Best Angles Are Hard To Obtain For The Viewers During These Broadcasts, So We Record Them Up-close And Personal In Total Realism For An Ultimate Viewer Experience Beyond Just Watching Our Live Broadcasts. Rest Assured That Our Content Will Always Be Unique, Spontaneous, And 100% Real And Unscripted. In Essence, All Premium Content On The Site Was Live At The Time Of Recording.


("The Saga")

YUCKBOYS.COM Was Started In August Of 2013 By @yuck As A Free Tube Site To Cater To All Men WIth Nasty Obscene Fetishes. The Site Was Later Expanded To Include A Free "Channels" Version As Well. This Added Free Webcams From One Of Our Affiliate Sites, As Well As A More Intuitive Social Interface In An Effort To Build A Community Of Men With Similar Obscene Fetish Interests. Yuck Boy's First Experience With Another Guy Was Caught On Camera During A Live Show. He Wears A Mask During Recordings And Broadcasts, Yet Some How The Broadcast Got Leaked And Yuck Ended Up Getting Kicked Out Of His Beautiful Girlfriend's House. With No Where To Go And Nothing Else To Lose After She'd Left Him, He Decided To Take What He Earned On His First Show And Try To Turn It Into Something Other Guy's Could Relate To Sexually. He Continued To Do Live Shows. Most Of Them Featuring Str8 Or Curious Dudes That Wanted To Make A Little Cash And Didn't Mind Showing Their Bodies On Cam. Yuck Would Split Tips With These Guys On Cam, And Eventually Became Somewhat Of A Hero By Creating Scenarios Where Guys Would Be Tempted With An Option To Engage In Gay Activity For Tokens, And Dominating The Situation By Taking It As Far As He Could.. Most Times With Great Success! This Site Features Those Very Moments.  Yuck Broadcasted His First Show On December, 7 2013 Where He Convinced A Straight 19yo College Jock To Suck His BBC Live In Front Of Almost 3000 Viewers. He Was Often Known To Ask His Audience To Contribute In Paying For A Hotel Room, Or Even PayPal Him Money In Order To Make A Show Happen As He Was Practically Homeless. He Came Through Every Time And The Shows Were Legendary!  What A Fuckin' Hustler :P He Eventually Moved Into A House With 3 Other Guys As Roomates For A Few Months During The Summer And Boy Was That Something Special. All Of These Recordings Are Available.  Now It's Been Almost A Year Since We First Started Filming.  Yuck Moved Into His Own Apartment Which He's Retro-Fitted Into A Studio To Help Him Continue To Bring Awesome Nasty Bareback Fuck Holes From An Extremely Diverse Mix Of Guys.  This Is Just One Man's Journey, Most Will Just Watch And See What Happens, But Hopefully A Select Few Will Use It As An Example To Help Them Feel More Comfortable With Their Own Inner "Yuck", And Share It RIGHT HERE So The Rest Of Us Can See Just Like Yuck Boy Does! So You See, Anyone Can Be A Yuck Boy. It's Not Defined By One Person Or One Theme Nor Genre, It's A Part Of  YOU. .. Embrace It. .. Own It! We Hope You Enjoy Participating With These Experiences We Share Site It As Much As We Enjoy Creating Them. Feel Free To  Sign Up If You Would Like To Create Your Own Yuck Legacy. It's Free To Make An Account & Upload Your Own Content As Long As You Keep It All The Way 100 (You Own It) And Legal. Thanks For All Your Support, And Helping Our Community Grow!

exclamation: yuck; exclamation: yuk
  1. 1.
    used to express strong distaste or disgust.
    "“Ewww You Came In My Mouth! Yuck!”"
    synonyms: ick, ugh, yech, blech, phew, eww, gross
"Yuck! What is this slimy white stuff?"
noun: yuck; noun: yuk
  1. 1.
    something messy or disgusting.
    "I can't bear the sight of blood and yuck"
1960s: imitative.
verb: yuck; 3rd person present: yucks; gerund or present participle: yucking; past tense: yucked; past participle: yucked;
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