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Yuck Boys – Booty Hole

One Night My Young College Buddy Called Me To See What I Was Up To. I Told Him I Had Just Got Done Filming Blaze And Molly And Was Tired As Fuck. Then He Asked If He Could Come By And Get A Few Photos Done For His Portfolio. He Said He Was Only About 3 Minutes From The Studio And Could Swing By On His Bike. I Told Him On One Condition, He Would Have To Do Some "Pictures" With Me As Well. About 5 Minutes Later I Heard A Knock At The Door. I Let The Boy In, He Was On His Bike Just Like He Said And I Could See He Also Had A Jock Strap On From How His Shorts Sagged Beneath His Short Wife Beater.

Yuck Boys – Persuasion – Straight Dude Tricked

Now This Was A Setup That Could Have Gone So Many Different Types Of Sideways. Not To Mention Tricky Who Is A Cum Whore For Straight Dick Was Amidst Trying To Coax Things Along. Gina Finally Makes Her Appearance After Blaze And JC Sat For A While On Camera Not Really Knowing What To Do. Blaze Kept Looking At His Phone For Porn To "Fluff" (Perhaps To Sword Fight Later On With JC?). JC Was Sitting There Full Mast For The Most Part Bringing The Total Combined Dick Length On The Camera To Nearly 20"s. Once Gina Arrived On The Scene, You Could Definitely See The Difference In Blaze. Gina Teases Them A Bit And Then Literally Grabs Both Of Their Cocks At Once. Then She Left The Area . . . The Two Of Them Sat There For A Minute Trying To Figure Out What To Do Next (Nothing Is Acted Out With Our Scenes They Just Go How They Go And We Roll Tape). . .

Yuck Boys – Street Trash – Hungry Jack

It's Very Rare That I Fuck A Dude On Camera, And I Wasn't Up To It This Night. Jack Was Very Nervous Once He Figured Out That Yuck Was Contemplating Fucking Him Bareback With That Huge Cock He Has. "I Never Had Anything That Big Before You'll Have To Go Slow And Use A Lot Of Lube" Jack Said. To My Surprise, Yuck Pulled Out His Dick And Started In On Jack Like He Was A Pro.

Yuck Boys – Game Of Throat – Close Encounters

Cameron Is A Straight Dude Who Auditioned For Yuck Boys Not Long Ago. Cameron Was Just Getting Used To Being On Camera With Other Dudes, But Had Never Done Anything In Front Of Yuck Boys' Live Video Feed For An Audience. Yuck And I Convinced Him To Come Over To Do A Video With Us One Night After Hanging Out At A Local Bar. Little Did We Know That Cameron Had His Own Plans. The Masculine Stud Sucked My Cock For Almost An Hour Just To Get Warmed Up. (Forgive me for editing a lot of it out) By The End Of The Night He'd Taken Both Mine And Yuck's Cocks, And All Three Of Our Nut Sacs Were Emptied. As A Matter Of Fact, Yuck And Myself Took Turns Fucking Each Other's Cum Up Inside Cameron's Hole.

Yuck Boys – Blank Man (Full Version Not Leaked Version)

This Video Ended Up Being Leaked Long Before It Was Supposed To Be Released.  The Video Was Not Completely Proofed And Edited Yet, However We Will Be Releasing It Here Just To Be Fair To Everyone Especially Our Subscribers. The Video Will Be Released Here For Our Subscribers In Case You Haven't Seen The Full Video Floating Around On Pornhub Or Xtube Somewhere, You'll At Least Be Able To Watch It Here On Our Site In 1080p. We'd Like To Say That Privacy And Security Are Our Highest Priority, And It's An Extremely Rare Case That Something Like This Happens On Our Watch. We've Also Taken Necessary Precautions To Prevent This From Happening Again In The Future. Lastly, We'd Like To Apologize To Any Vested Parties And Affiliates That Were Impacted By This. 

Yuck Boys – Wet Wet

Even With The Shower Only Mere Feet Away, His Musky Pubes Grazed My Nose While His Full Sac Swung Merrily Between His Thighs. Luckily He Didn't Take Very Long To Nutt This Time When He Put His Big Black Monster Dick In My Ass Though. His Dick Gets Extremely Solid When He's In An Edging Mood And It Hurts My Tight Hole Like Hell. He Ended Up Breeding Me And Then Pulling Out And Cumming Again On And Between My Ass Cheeks. Excuse My Loud Moans. They Are Definitely Moans Of Pleasure.