How To Train Your Boy – 100 – Open Wide, Don’t Spit, SWALLOW!

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To Train Our Boy In This Scenario We'll Need A Few Ingredients. Check Off The Items Listed Below Before You Get Started:

  1. Get Trashed Where You Can Barely Speak Without Slurring. This Also Helps The Specimen Relax And Extends Edging Potential.
  2. A Big Thick Dick To Make Him Open Wide And Go Down Deep. Make Sure It Stays Hard For Maximum Effectiveness.
  3. A Full Nutsack.
  4. A Boy Hungry For Big Dick And Nutt.
  5. A Camera (Webcam Or Other Device) To Catch The Action For Later Review.
  6. Finally, Make Sure He Addresses You Properly As "Sir" , "Daddy", "Dad" Or All The Above.

In This Clip I Use Billy For My Specimen. I Chose Him Because He Has Trouble Deepthroating Me Sometimes Because My Dick And Head Are Both Extremely Thick And Meaty. He Also Absolutely Loves Nutt. I'm Glad Too Because If He Wasn't So Curious About How Another Man's Cum Tasted He Probably Would've Never Given Me His Male Sex Virginity. By The End Of This Clip You'll Have Learned How To Make Your Boys Mouth And Throat Open Wide. You'll Have Learned Him Not To Spit. And Most Importantly, He'll Learn To Swallow It All And Make Sure Your Dick Is Cleaned Up From Any Residual Semen. Enjoy! - The Freak King




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