Yuck Boys – The Switch

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Marky And Cameron Both Decided To Do A Show One Evening. Yuck Was Only Supposed To Be The Camera Guy But Ended Up Taking Turns On Marky Alongside Cameron Anyways. 





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This Past Super Bowl Me And The Guys Decided To Keep An Old Family Tradition Of Mine And Play A Little Bit Of PigSkin Before The Big Game Came On. It Started Out With Blaze And Myself On Teams And Then We Switched Partners To Keep Shit Fair. The Game Got Cut A Bit Short After I Was Injured (Yeah I Know The Band-Aid Looks Small And I Aint No Pussy But That Shit Hurt Like A Bitch!) And We All Went Inside To Get Cleaned Up.

Yuck Boys – Super Star

The Lights Were Kinda Dim For The Little Camera That I Used Towards The Beginning Of This Flick. Sometimes The Bright Lights Scare Off Shy Dudes And I Didnt Want That To Happen Before Cameron Even Got A Chance To Check Out This Boy’s Bubble Booty For Himself. Just As I Started Getting Kevin Loosened Up, Cameron Knocks On The Door. By The End Of This Video, Kevin Had An Entirely New Outlook On Man Sex And Eventually Took The Mask Off And Owned His New Sex Tape. This Is How It All Went Down . . . .

Yuck Boys – Street Trash – Glazed

Marky Came In And Instantly Gets Naked Once He Sees The Camera Show Is Rolling. He Laid On The Couch And Blaze And Myself Figured We’d Play A Little Game And Tie Marky Up. After Clowning Around And Punking Marky Out A Bit, We Decided To Lay Some Pipe.  I Decided To Show Blaze The Path LoL. I Pulled My Dick Out Fast And Started Sliding In Marky. Opening Him Up. Trying To Make It Look Fun For My Almost Converted Straight Friend. I Eventually Said Fuck It And Offered Marky’s Ass To Blaze. Told Him To Just Stick The Head In “For The Show” . To My Surprise, Blaze Didnt Hesitate As Much As I Thought He Would And Climbed Up On Top Of Marky’s Back To Mount.

Yuck Boys – Street Trash – Hungry Jack

It’s Very Rare That I Fuck A Dude On Camera, And I Wasn’t Up To It This Night. Jack Was Very Nervous Once He Figured Out That Yuck Was Contemplating Fucking Him Bareback With That Huge Cock He Has. “I Never Had Anything That Big Before You’ll Have To Go Slow And Use A Lot Of Lube” Jack Said. To My Surprise, Yuck Pulled Out His Dick And Started In On Jack Like He Was A Pro.