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Yuck Boys – Ca$h Out

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Ca$h Is A Tatted Up Masculine Blonde Hair Blue Eyed Boy That I Later Found Out Was Actually My Neighbor. We Started Hangin Out As Drinkin' Buddies And Playing Call Of Duty Till One Day He Told Me He Was A Model For A Local Clothing Store Chain. Though My Eyes Grew Big Thinking He'd Be A Dead Ringer For Our Live Shows And Videos, I Was Still Timid To Ask Or Approach Him About It Because Of How Close He Lived To Me.

One Day, Ca$h And I Went To A Local Bar One Night During One Of Our Drinking Ventures. It Had Gotten Kind've Late So He Came To My Spot To "Sober Up" Some Before Going Home. In A Buzzed Stupor, I Popped The Question "Hey, You Ever Thought About Doing Adult Modeling Or Porn Films?" His Response Was "Fuck Yeah, I'm Down". He Went On To Say How He Didnt Even Care If It Was Gay Or Straight Porn And Explained To Me How He Found Out About Yuck Boys But Didn't Say Anything About It.

"Do Would You Be Down To Do A Yuck Boys Video Or A Live Show?" He Replied "Sure, Where Would We Do It At?" I Said "Right Here!. . ... . .Just Go In The Bathroom, Take Off Your Clothes, Put Your Ass Up In The Air And I Will Come In With A Camera And See If You Can Take Dick Good Enough For Yuck Boys's Vids. With ZERO Hesitation, He Went To The Bathroom And Closed The Door Leaving It Cracked A Little. . .. I Walked In And This Is What Happened Next. . . . .



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Written by Yuck

It's Ya Boy!
Goin' In Hard Trying To Make Yuck Boys Into An International Brand! Thanks To Everyone Who's Showin' Us Love!
Bullshit Walks :D

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