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    Yuck Boys – Super Star

    American Eye Doll

    The Lights Were Kinda Dim For The Little Camera That I Used Towards The Beginning Of This Flick. Sometimes The Bright Lights Scare Off Shy Dudes And I Didnt Want That To Happen Before Cameron Even Got A Chance To Check Out This Boy’s Bubble Booty For Himself. Just As I Started Getting Kevin Loosened Up, Cameron Knocks On The Door. By The End Of This Video, Kevin Had An Entirely New Outlook On Man Sex And Eventually Took The Mask Off And Owned His New Sex Tape. This Is How It All Went Down . . . . More

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    Yuck Boys | Special Delivery | Door Dash!

    Just Relaxing One Night Playing Smash Bros Alone Online And Decided I’d Order Some Beer And Snacks From Door Dash Delivery. Didn’t Feel Like It So I Didn’t Even Bother To Put On Any Shorts. Just Had On A Tanky And My Underwear When I Answered The Door. Why Not? When I Walked Back Inside To Grab A Few Dollars To Tip The Dude, I Noticed That He Was Staring Through The Screen Door Looking At My Dick Bulge. More

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    Yuck Boys | Dip Stick!

    One Night I Was Browsing Through A Video Collection Of Mine Looking For Something Suitable To Jerk Off To. It Had To Be Something Good Because I Had Not Nutted In Almost An Entire Week (Tru), And I Didn’t Wanna Waste That So I Figured I’ll Just Film The Nutt Shot And Push It Out To Pornhub Or Some Shit. At Around The Same Time, Albeit Nearly 3:30am, I Got A Text From A Teenage Twink I Hadn’t Heard From In A While. I Knew That He Loved Getting Filled Up With Big Dick By His Own Admissions. I Also Knew That He Had A Cum Fetish And Liked His Hole Played In….. Perfect! I Let Him Know What I Was Up To. Filming My Nutt Shot, Yadda Yadda Yadda, He Elected Himself To Come And Let Me Use His Hole To Jack My Dick Instead Of My Hand. The Teen Said He Was Okay If I Filmed His Butt Being Used, And Suggested That It Would Make My Cum Shot Even More Glorious. I Agreed And Told Him To “Come Over”. More

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    Yuck Boys – Black In White – Chapter One – Pup Fuck!

    ” I Had Been Talking To Cody For A While Via Instagram. He divulged Some Of His Fetishes Along With The Fact That He Was “Dating Someone” Which Was Okay With Me. I Wasn’t Interested In Being Anyone’s Main Interest So In That Regard The Boy Considered Me Safe I Guess. Cody Also Told Me That Although He Doesn’t Get His Hole Used As Much As He’d Like, Was An Insatiable Bottom With A Tight Hole. His Wish Was To Have A Strong Man That Was Bigger Than He Was, Use His Holes The Way They Were Meant To Be Used. “Teach Me My Limits” He Said, “My Partner Fucks Me Sometimes, But I Always Know And Feel I Can Take More” . Cody Also Mentioned That He Was Into Some Mild Role Play And Beast Like Monikers Turned Him On The Most He Confided. More

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    Yuck Boys – Yjazzed Out! (Scene One)

    We Had Just Left The Kentucky Derby This Year And Headed Back To The Studio Where A Few Of The Guys Got Into Some Things. Hey, I Just Made Sure I Had The Cameras Rolling For You Guys. A Lot Of The Footage Is Hard To Get During The Live Shoot, So I Always Try To Get You Guys Covered With Side Footage So Ya Get The Full Experience. More

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