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Plug ‘N Play – Duex Insérer

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I Was Already Passed Out Sleeping And Sleepin' Hard In The Studio When I Heard A Knock At The Door.  Ugh... It's Fuckin' 3Am Who Could This Be?  I Stared Through The Peep Hole And Saw Erick Standing Outside With His Gym Bag. He'd Said He May Stop Over To Do A Show This Weekend But 3Am? Really Doh? I Hardly Had Time To Plan For A Show, And I Had Already Jacked Off Having Skype Sex With My Baby Mama That Night (Don't Ask) So I Wasn't Sure If I Would Be Able To Cum But I'm A Hustla To The Core, So I Took Advantage of The Opportunity To Get Some New Footage For The Website And Let Erick Inside. As Soon As He Got In He Started Apologizing About How Late It Was, Blah Yadda Yadda About How He'll Make It Up To Me And How He's In The Mood To Get Fucked Hard. Erick (A.K.A. Trouble) Pulled His Clothes Off And Started Wagging His Ass Around Like A Puppy In Heat. Even Got Out The Butt Plugs And Started Lubing Them Up And Sticking Them Up His Hole To Try And Entice Me To Put It In Him. Now This Is Something That Happens To Yuck Boy All The Time. Guys Dont Wanna Go Through All The Trouble And Patience It Takes To Wait Out An Entire 2-3hr Show, So They Try To Get Me To Hook Up With Them Off Cam Which Is Probably Why He Showed Up At 3am Knowing I'd Be Less Inclined To Have Him Show Off In Front Of My Cameras. Not Me! I Turned On The Lights, And Pulled Out My Cameras Anyways And Started Helping Him With His Toys. He Started Slamming It In Real Hard And Even Put Two Of Them At Once Inside Of Him. At That Point I Was Working My Dick Up To Get It Hard. I Figured I May As Well Squirt Some Nutt Up His Ass To Help Him With Greasin' Up His Insides. So I Did Just That. Pushed My Dick In Him Just Enough So I Can Inject Whatever I Had Leftover In My Sack Deep Inside His Butt. After I Was Done He Begged For More.. I Mean Literally (See The Clip) After I Told Him I Probably Could Go Again He Took The Plugs And Shoved Them Back Inside His Ass To Push My Nutt Deeper. Lathering The Plugs With My Seed And Making It Drip Down His Nut Sac. He Eventually Nutted But I Had Absolutely No Interest In Helping Him Do That Part.... For The Record, I Don't Fuck Unless I'm On Camera . . . That Privilege Is Reserved For My Lucky Bottom Bitch . . . I'm Bout My Hustle. It's Because Of This Attitude That You Guys Get To Watch What I Do... This Shit Real Son. Hope Y'all Enjoy This.  



Da Bangout V3 – Finished

Plug ‘N Play – Duex Insérer (Sneaker)