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Yuck Boys – Torque! Ft. Riley

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Riley First Came To Me As A Teenaged Closeted "Straight" Cristian Boy. A Liberalist With A Nagging Girlfriend Who Was Also Christian. One With Whom He'd Never Be Able To Explore Certain Sexual Fetishes And Desires He Kept Deep Within. More Specifically, The Fact That He'd Been Playing Around In Secret With Sliding Different Tools In His Hole. He Hadn't Been Fucked By An Actual Dick Yet, But He Dreamed Of Being Split Open Relentlessly By A Big Black Cock (Or A Few). His Preferred Scene Would Be A Situation Where He Was Publically Humiliated By Being Subjected To Serving Dicks Till His Master Said He'd Had Enough. That Would Be Ideal For Him Just To Put It Into Perspective A Bit.

Ever since I First Started Training Riley's Ass To Open Up And Take Big Dicks (Well At Least An Actual Dick) Up His Ass, We've Had A Few Good Encounters Where I'd Invite Friends Over To Use Him, Or He'd Beg To Come Over And Get Used By Me And A Few Friends. This Time Was A Bit Different Though. The Boy Insisted That I Take Him Alone And Do Whatever I Wanted To Him. His Reasoning Was That He Felt He Needed To Be Punished For All The Guys That He'd Let Fuck Him Without My Permission. He Also Mentioned Something About Getting Him Back For Not Being Able To Take All Of My Dick Once When He Came Through For A Visit And To Get Filled Up.

I Was Kinda In The Mood To Use Some Boy Booty That Night. Some Times My Dick Just Has This Insatiable Urge To Fuck. Raw, Deep, Hardcore.... Flesh To Flesh And Completely Engulfed By Those Juicy Twitching Pink Insides Trying To Both Expel And Inhale My Dick Simultaneously. Hell, I Don't Even Need To Cum Right Away. No Rush. . . Even Better If I Can Get The Hole So Opened Up That It Would Be Damn Near Impossible For Me To Cum By Fucking It If I Tried. But Hey, That's The Edger In My Soul. . . Sounded Good, So I Went Ahead And Invited The Boy Over. Put The Mask Under The Mat On The Back Porch, Told Him To Strip Naked In The Backyard, And Made Him Stand Out There With The Mask On For 10 Minutes Before I Retrieved Him. This Is What Happened Next. . . . . .




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