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Snake Charmer – Torpedo Probe

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Snake Charmer34 @yuck Got Me So Fuckin' Horny After Feeding Me A Pop Tart With Cum All Over It I Just Had To Try And See If I Could Get More So The Next Day,  I Caught Him Right After He'd Gotten Out Of The Shower. He Was Just Sittin There On The Couch Naked Playing Playstation So I Thought To Myself  " Mmmmm Here's My Chance" And Just Got Down On The Floor Right Between His Knees. He Let Me Suck It And Tickle The Tip With My Tongue For Quite A Bit While He Played. After It Got Hard, I Could Taste So Much Of His Sweet/Salty Pre-cum Ooozing Out Of His Thick Helmet Shaped Head And Enormous Pee Slit. I Couldn't Help Stiffening My Tongue As Hard As I Could And Probing It As Far Into His Shaft As I Could To Milk What Ive Grown So Addickted To Over Our Times Playing Together. His Cock Got SO Hard After I Started Probing It And Of Course He Pulled Out His Camera So I'm Sharing This With You Guys. Hope You Like And Enjoy! You Can Probably Tell From The Way I'm Moaning How Much I Enjoyed It. I Don't Even Though @YuckBoy 's Cock Was The First Cock I've Ever Had In My Mouth Or Ass, I Don't Think I've Ever Been So Turned On In My Life By Another Guys Penis :-) - Billy BauerSnake Charmer3



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