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I Did A Show With Yuck Boy  A Few Weeks Ago. It Went Somewhat Okay Until He Tried To Stick His Cock In My Ass. I Simply Couldnt Take It. I Hadnt Been Fucked In A While And It Hurt Too Bad.  After The Show, He'd Mentioned That He Hadn't Nutted In About 3 Days. That Explains Why It Was So Hard And Long When He Tried To Put It Inside My Butt. He Wanted To Fuck But Said He Didn't Want To Waste A Good Cum Shot Without Filming It For The Site At Least.  I Was Still A Bit Sore From The Attempt To Rail Me Earlier ....I Told Him I Probably Still Wouldn't Be Able To Take It, But If He Found Another Hole For Us To Use, I'd Be Down To Play With Him As Well.  Yuck Invited Riley Over. He Said He Hadn't Been Fucked In A While And Agreed To Come Over And Let Us Use His Holes On The Condition That We'd Take It Easy And That He Could Wear A Mask To Cover His Face.

....Once Riley Arrived, He Did As He Was Instructed...  Yuck Had Him Take His Clothes Off And Get Naked On The Back Porch. Riley Hesitated A Bit At First, But Eventually Did As He Was Told. Yuck Went  Down To Retrieve Our  Mask Covered Specimen. He Had To Guide Riley Into An Area Where We Could Film What Was About To Go Down.  We'd  Inflated A Mattress For Some Reason That Night. I Later Understood Why... Yuck Unloaded In Him Several Times That Night And Seemed To Stay Horny To Fill The Boy's Hole As Long As He Kept Taking It... I've Never Seen A Hole So Wet And Full.....Unreal... See For Yourself! . . . . ..  - Baby Huey



Yuck Boys – Shut Up Bitch Choke

Yuck Boys – Flooded (Phase 2)