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    Yuck Boys – Fire Cracka (Same Shit Different Breed)

    This Dude Named Hollywood Came Through One Day While I Was Looking For A New Bottom To Put On One Of Our Live Shows. Dude Had Been Blowin’ Up My Phone Trying To Get On My Camera. He Came Over With A White Boy He Told Me He Was Going To Top As His Partner In The Film. He Ended Up Being A Bottom For Me And Erick Both That Day While His Partner Waited Outside. I Drilled One Nut In His Ass. Tried To Breed Him With It But Then It Oozed Out. Then Fed Him Another One Along With Some Feet, Balls, And Even Some Of His Ass To Mouth. This Dude Was A Complete Freak. He Let Erick Tap And Breed Too! Saying He Never Been Fucked By A White Boy. Trying To Say He Only Did It Because I Instructed Him To And He Was Just Being Obedient To His Master. I Wasnt’ Going To Release This Video But Browsing Archives This Past Week Ran Across It And Figured Some Of You May Enjoy It! More

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    Head Game

    I Was Vulnerable. I Only Wanted To Use Him For A Place To Put My Cock, Because My BoyFriend Wasn’t Doing His Job. If I Weren’t In A Relationship, I Probably Would Have Kept His Black Cock In Me Longer. His Cock Tasted Good In My Mouth. The Way His Mouth Was Vacuuming It, Im Sure Mine Tasted Wonderful To Him Also. The Night Before, We Were Up Till The Crack Of Dawn, And I Was Completely Clueless That He Wanted Me The Same Way I Wanted Him. It Was Damn Near Quarter Till 7am When We Finally Finished. He And I Both Had Friends Over That Night For Our Camera Show, But They’d Already Left By Then. He Grabbed My Cock And Pushed Me Over To The Couch To Clean The Sweaty Sperm Off My Cock From Earlier, And We Went At It All Over Again. . This Situation Is Turning Out To Be Much More Than I Initially Bargained For!  – Dez More

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    The Casting Bed – Ahmed – Virgin Black Ass

    Ahmed Is A Soccer Jock From New Orleans. He’d Gone To A Party Right After One Of His Games Last Weekend And Decided He’d Celebrate His Team Victory Yuck Boys Style!  He’s Never Been With Another Black Guy Before, And Has Never Been Fucked Before In His Life. @Yuck Takes His Time Working That Monster BBC He Has Up Ahmed’s Ass And Eventually Gets It In Pretty Deep. The Lube He Used Was NOT Good As It Stuck To The Lense And Made The Ending Kind’ve Blurry. Still A Hot Video Though And Just Between Us, Yuck Boy Didnt Want This One Uploaded, But We All Rallied For It So You Guys Better Be Grateful! :P Enjoy! More

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    Loxed Out! – Blast Masters

    After Gettin’ Yuck Boy Turnt Up From Letting Him Get Some Good Ass Play And Then Riding His Dick, Lox Pulled A Surprise Move And Presented His Tight Black Teen Pussy Over To @Yuck For Him To Do With What He Pleased.  Yuck Eases It In Lox ‘s Round Firm Bubble Butt At First To Let Him Get A Feel For The  Girth Of His Huge BBC. Eventually Yuck Shows No Mercy. Even Causing Poor Lox To Shoot While He’s Gettin’ Fucked Deep. Yuck Had Already Shot A Huge Thick Load Inside Lox, Then Goes For Another One. You Can See The Cum Spraying Out Of Lox ‘s Ass While Yuck Plunges In And Out Scrapin’ Lox ‘s Ribcage No Doubt. Definately Shouldve Named This One “Loxed In” Cuz This Dude Was Definately Filled In After Yucks Ravaging Session. Yuck’s Dick Seemed To Be On Steroids! Make Sure To Check Out The Other Parts Of Loxed Out More

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    Black Power – Cum Volcano – Feat. Jodie And Tevin

    The Conclusion: After Tevin Spontaneously Cum Busted From Behing Fucked By Jodies Big Black Cock Missionary Style, Jodie Still Felt The Need To Get His In! Tevin Has No Choice But To Oblige. He’s Made To Take Cum, And Furthermore, @Yuckboy Has Taught Him To Make Sure His Master Tops Are Fully Pleased. To Shoot Before The Top Is Against The Rules, Now Tevin Has To Pay The PIPER! Tevin Sucks Jodie Up To Get His Dick Hard, Then Tries To Give It Up Doggy Style. Before Long, Jodie Gets Deep In Tevins Guts With His Awesome Curved Black Cock, And Pounds Till His Nutt Cums Dripping Down Tevin’s Ass Like A Volcano Eruption. This Is One Of Our Favorite Cum Shot Scenes To Date. This Clip Was Recorded Live During One Of Our Web Cam Broadcasts Shows To Give Our Audience Another Perspective That Web Cams Just Cant Give. Happy MLK Day! Enjoy! More

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