Yuck Boys – Socker Jockey – Ft. Trevor Michaels

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Trevor Is A Teen Soccer Jock That Comes To Visit Family In The City We Film In During The Holidays So It's Always Fun To Get Up With Him And Make Movies :D This Time, He Hit Me Up Late As Fuck, Waking Me Up Out Of My Sleep. . . I Ignored Most Of Whatever He Muttered Over The Phone As I Was Barely Cognitive,  But I Did Happen To Catch A "Fuck Me Daddy" . . . . And "I Want It In Me" Here And There. Then It Was Something Along The Lines Of  "I'll Let You Fuck Me A Long As You Want, And We Can Even Record It" . . . By Then I Was Wide Awake And At Full Attention.









Once The Boy Came In, He Did Exactly As I'd Expected. Got Stripped Down To His Jock Strap And Fleece So His Hole Would Be Readily Accessible Between His Ass Cheeks. Trevor Then Got On His Knees And Proceeded To Pay My Dick His Undivided Attention As He Promised.









Though I Have To Admit, It Was A Tight Fit! Even Though The Horny Teen Seemed Eager To Take It However I Wanted To Give It, We Still Struggled A Bit In The Beginning Getting Him Mounted.

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This Video Ended Up Being Leaked Long Before It Was Supposed To Be Released.  The Video Was Not Completely Proofed And Edited Yet, However We Will Be Releasing It Here Just To Be Fair To Everyone Especially Our Subscribers. The Video Will Be Released Here For Our Subscribers In Case You Haven’t Seen The Full Video Floating Around On Pornhub Or Xtube Somewhere, You’ll At Least Be Able To Watch It Here On Our Site In 1080p. We’d Like To Say That Privacy And Security Are Our Highest Priority, And It’s An Extremely Rare Case That Something Like This Happens On Our Watch. We’ve Also Taken Necessary Precautions To Prevent This From Happening Again In The Future. Lastly, We’d Like To Apologize To Any Vested Parties And Affiliates That Were Impacted By This. 

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