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    The Definition of Glazing

    What would you do if you were craving something, but you didn’t have just what you were looking for? Or better question might be.. Would you help your friend in a dilemma like this?@CollegeJockBilly goes searching through the cupboards desperately trying to satisfy his sweet-tooth and comes across a mysterious pack of unlabeled pop-tarts. Upon opening the package, he discovers the pop-tarts are Strawberry! Yes!! but wait……. They’re unfrosted and just not going to cut into Billy’s cravings. :( Billy looks high and low but can’t seem to find any frosting. Desperately trying to think of anything to make these mysterious pop-tarts taste good, he asks Yuck if he knows where he can find some Glaze… ;)Always willing to lend a hand (or something) Heh.. @Yuck has just the thing to help out poor Billy in his time of need! Yuck breaks away from his video game and unleashes his BBC from his shorts much to Billy’s delight. Yuck’s heard his cum tastes nice and sweet so he’s got a plan to help Billy out.Yuck proceeds to blast his monstrous load of fresh cum all over Billy’s plate, entirely coating one of the pop-tarts. Billy’s eyes light up and he immediately starts to gobble up the now sweetened and delicious strawberry glazed pop-tart. More

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