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    The Freak King – Dog Dare – Taboo

    o This Little Nigga Tried To Be Hard And Said Can’t No White Boy Ever Fuck Him. Dadadada … Only Niggas…. Wooo Woo Woo .. . . So I Invited The Nigga Over To A Live Shoot Me And @collegejockbilly Set Up Yesterday Afternoon And Dared Em To Suck Billy’s Dick For $50 On Our Live Broadcast.  He Didnt Even Flinch Before He Was Down On His Knees. Considering How Far He Went Without Much More Motivation Or Persuasion On My Part, And The Fact That I Still Got My $50 In My Pocket, I’m Not Sure If He Did It For The Money Or Perhaps He Just Has Some Strange Fixation For Big Dicks Ravaging His Holes? I Pretty Much Sat This One Out And Let Billy Shine A Bit. Gave Him A Thumbs Up To Let Him Know It Was Okay For Him To Tag Before Me And It Was On! I Can See He Definately Has Been Picking Up Some Tricks From Big Daddy No Doubt! Besides, A Nigga Dick Needa Rest Too!  I Just Think It’s Funny Though How This All Went Down. We Did Just About Everything This Nigga Swore He Would Never Do… Don’t Believe Me Just Watch. More

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