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After Partying All Night At The Dorms At A Nearby Campus, We Stopped At The Fuck Spot For A Second To Grab More Beer And Before We Could Even Get Back Out The Door Rex And Juicy Started Goin' At It.

These Two Had Just Blown Each Other Off In A Dare At One Dorm Party, And Here They Are At It Again In A Full Blown Impromptu Fuck!

After Rex Nutted In Juicy's Ass, I Guess My Straight Nigga Be-Lo Had Gotten Hard. What Started Out As Be-Lo Wanting To Experiment And Watch. .. .Maybe Help With The Cams Or Help Me Hold Shit Down In Case Something Popped Off That Night, Ended Up With Him Going A Lot Further Than I Had Expected. He Not Only Got His Dick Wet But He Ended Up Breeding Rex's Ass Raw After Gaping It Real Good. Check
Out This Clip To See How It All Went Down. . . - Yuck Boy


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