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    Yuck Boys Bare Balls – (Scene 2) – Balls To Da Wall

    So I Guess BlazeEnded UP Gettin’ More Than Just A Little Head From Marky. Blaze Seemed To Be A Bit Warmed Up By Now After Screwing Marky’s Hole Open. Kinda Like He Was Preppin’ It To Be Used The Way HE Wanted It. We’ve All Seen Blaze Fuck Pussy, And Plenty Of It Too. It Was Very Interesting To See How Marky’s Hole Responded And Gaped Up A Bit To Blaze’s Formatting. I Was There During The Shoot However I Didnt Perform During This Segment. I Tried My Best To Make Sure I Got This Part For You Guys And Share It. This Is A Yuck Boys Live Exclusive Right Here. Blaze Always Likes To Help Out As Much As Possible And Just Genuinely Is A Good Dude To Have Around Especially When It Comes To Freaky Sex In General. Oh Yeah, Make Sure To Thank Huey For Most Of The Awesome Action Shots In This ClipAs Well. More

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    Yuck Boys – Bare Balls (Scene 1) – The Precum

    Bare Balls (The Precum) Blaze Stayed Over One Night After A Long Night Filming With Saicha (One Of The Yuck Girls Tramps) He Woke Up And Went Into The Audition Room To Play Some Netflix And Ran Into Marky And Huey Doing A Live Cam Show. He Came And Knocked On My Room Door And Asked Me What Was Going On And If I Needed Any Help. I Said Hell Yeah Huey Need’s A Top To Help Him Smack Marky Around. Blaze Said “Well, I Could Probably Help With That, And If It Came Down To It Probably Just Get My Dick Sucked That Cool?” I Said “Most Definitely”, Grabbed My Camera And Followed Blaze Down Stairs. There’s A Ton Of Play Footage From This Shoot And I Wanted To Include A Lot More Of It, But I Decided To Leave It Out And Jump Right Into The Action Sequences. Also, I Tried To Cut/Switch And Transition Scenes A Lot Less In This One So The Action Flow Is More Realistic. This Scene Will Be Split Into 2 Parts And The Second Part Will Be Released Friday August 26th 2016. For Anyone That’s Interested In Seeing The Other Footage Leave A Comment Or Send An Email. Note** This Footage Was Captured During One Of Our Live Chaturbate Performances. More

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