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    The Mormon Encounter – Phase 2 – (The Other Brother)

    After Some Success Getting My Dick Milked By His Brother A Few Weeks Before, It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Shane Got Wind Of What’d Happened And Made An Attempt To Get His Virgin Ass Trained And Filled With My Big Ass Dick Too! Shane Had More Than Likely Gotten Wind Of What His Brother Had Been Doing During Our “Study” Sessions. That Became More Obvious To Me When He Asked If His Bro Had Been Getting Anywhere With Me Over His Occasional Visits Alone. I Didn’t Waste Any Time On This One. I Knew What He Wanted. And Hopefully His Tiny Hole Would Suffice For Trappin’ This Big Load I’d Been Saving Up For A Few Days Inside My Nut sack. I Pulled Out My Camera (Reluctantly), Shane Looked At Me And Asked If His Bro Had Done Anything Like This Before. I Told Him “Yeah, But He Wanted To Hide His Face”, Surprisingly. . . Shane Said He Didn’t Care If His Face Was Shown On Cam. I Thought To Myself “Damn, This Boy Is Eager!” . As Soon As I Pulled My Dick Out , Shane Went Right At It. Not Skipping A Beat! Of Course The Video Explains It Better Than I Can.. Ya Just Have To Watch And See How It Went Down. The Camera Is A Bit Quirky Because It Was Extremely Hard To Position This Guy For The Best Shots Whilst Trying To Fit It Into His Little Unused Hole… This Has Been One Of My Biggest Fantasies For Quite Some Time. Now I’ve Baptized Two Mormon Brothers In My Yucky Water, And Now I Feel Saved . . . . AMEN! More

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