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    Yuck Boys – Shut Up Bitch Choke

    Got Real Horny One Day Yuck Was At My While My Parents Were Out Of Town.Just Being Around Yuck And That Thug Meat Hanging Between His Legs All Day And Wondering What Plans He Had For Us. I Thought About How Horny He Must Be Not Having Cummed In Quite Some Time And I Couldn’t Stop Staring. Sometimes, I’d Just Make Up A Reason To Be Around Him And In The Same Room Just So I Could See The Print Of His Dick Bulging Through His Boxer Briefs. He Noticed Me Looking Hard And LeadMe Toward My Room And Told Me He Was Gonna Fuck My Mouth Like He’d Done To Pussy And Set Up His Cam. All I Could Do Was Obey.. I Got On My Knees And Took His Cock In My Throat As Deep As I Could Without Biting Him While He Enjoyed His Cigarette. I More

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