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    Nasty Fucker

    @Yuck Had Just Returned From A Fishing Trip One Weekend, And Before He Could Even Get Home And Hang Up His Hat, He Was Proposed By A Young College Twink. Yuck Told Him If He’d Beat Him Home, And Agreed To Let His Audience Watch On Cam (Of Course) He’d Bless Him And Slide His Big Black Cock In His Little Tight Twink Hole Raw And Breed. By The Time Yuck Got Home The Boy Was There Parked And Horny As Fuck. Yuck Didn’t Even Bother To Shower Or Piss Before He Ravaged This Twinks Ass. Check It Out More

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    Yuckboy’s First Str8 Bait Conversion Caught Live

    Yuckboy Hadda Tell Him It’s Not Really Gay If He Just Opens His Mouth ANd Lets Him Stick It In… Plus, A Deal Is A Deal And They Hit Goal :P $uite! The Build Up For This Moment Was Pretty Intense :) Yuckboy Got So Hard In His Mouth! A Good Friend From The Chat Networks We Frequent Bought The Hotel Room For Yuckboy And His Little Friend Just Cuz He Wanted To See What Would Happen. Though Yuck Didnt Get To Slide His Monster Cock Inside This Wigger Punk, He Did Get Him To Grab His Big Black Cock And Jack It (Timidly) And Eventually Got His Mouth Full Of It. Yuck Told Him ” If You Just Open Your Mouth And Let Me Stick It In There Then It’s Not Gay” Lil Man Bit And This Ended Up Being The Start Of A Long Line Of Different Straight Bait Conversions For Yuckboys In Particular. Definately Proved Himself In This Arena. . . . Gotta Admit Though… He’s Nervous As Fuck Every Time, But So Exciting To Watch Him Try. Especially When He Gets The Job Done! For Me Personally, It’s Worth Watching Just To See The Expression On Lil’ Man’s Face After Having It Filled With A Hard Juicy Big Black Cock. More

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