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The Freak King – Flee Bottom

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Yuck Boys - The Freak King - Flee Bottom optimized
Erick And Ice Showed Up One Day To Do A Scene With A New Bottom Named "Saylor Dude". Saylor Is An Ex Military Guy Who's Never Been Fucked Before. He'd Told Us That He'd Fooled Around With Guys Before But Mostly Head And Jacking Off But Never Really Much Anal.  He Mentioned How He Had Always Fantasized About Being With Two Tops At Once And Figured He May As Well Go Hard If He Was Going To Bottom For The First Time. When He Arrived, The Idea Was For Both Erick And Ice To Try And Top Him, He'd Started Sucking Ericks Dick Which Seemed To Have Felt Good Considering Erick's Reaction. Erick Couldn't Hold Back Much Longer And Started Lubing Saylor's Ass And Before Long Saylor Was Face Down In Ice's Crotch With Erick's Cock Buried Deep In His Ass Bare. 

After Taking As Much As He Could Handle, Saylor Pleaded For Erick To Stop. Saying His Ass Had Been Ripped Too Much And That He Couldnt Take It Anymore. What Is Erick Left To Do? Seeing How Frustrated Erick Was, Ice  Said "The Show Must Go On" And Decided To Be A Champ. (See Street Trash - Skittles - Merry Go 'Round)

This Video Was Recorded During One Of Our Live Broadcasts. The Footage And Perspective Represented Has Never Been Seen Or Released Until Now.


Da Bang Out V3 – Dual Tools

The Freak King – Flee Bottom (Sneaker)