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    Yuck Pile 2.0 – Cum Tribute Cumpilation

    We Do This Every Year Guys. A Cumpilation Of All Our Greatest Hardcore Amateur Bareback Fucking Breeding Cream Pies Facials And Internal Seeding From The Past Year. Our Priority During Filming Remains The Same (Make Sure The Cameras Are Rolling And Just Get The Damn Footage The Best We Can Given The Situation. Worry About The Edit Later) These Clips Have Been Re-Mastered For A Higher Quality Viewing Experience. As An Added Bonus To Our Loyal Members, We’ve Included Some Never Before Seen Footage And Clips To Keep Things Fresh. Our Cumpilation Videos Usually Mark The End Of A Particular Series Of Clips And Stories Which Means That A Lot Of Other Series That Haven’t Rotated Before Will Begin To Move Around In The Coming Weeks. It’s Been Real Fun Guys. . . Thanks For Being Loyal! Stay Tuned For Next Season, We Have Some Amazing Footage Coming For Next Year’s Cumpilation. A Lot Of Work Went Into This. Enjoy!

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    Yuck Boys – Pressure (Phase 2 – Takeover)

    After Yjazz Got A Bit More Comfortable With Being On Camera Naked With Other Dudes, He Actually Removed His Mask And Did What Any Real Pussy Loving Straight Dude Would Do In A Room Naked With A Big Dicked Dominant Top. . . Offer His Ass Up. Yjazz Was Very Very TIGHT.. I Mean, I Had Some Issues Gettin’ My Dick In The Thugs Little Tiny Asshole. That Said, He Still Took It Like A Champ. Keep In Mind He Wasnt Supposed To Even Be Gettin’ On A Show With Me In The First Place, Let Alone Gettin’ Fucked ( It Was Supposed To Be Just Him And Tricky) But Tricky Acted Like He Didnt Know What To Do With That Booty, And The Audience Was Screaming For Ass Play, So I Gave Them What They Wanted. Tried To Anyways. Here Is An Example Of A Classic Yuck Boy’s Straight Bait Conversion. I Left In As Much As I Possibly Could, So The Video Is Kinda Drawn Out But It’s Filled With Extra Scenes That We’d Normally Edit Or Delete. I Broke Yjazz In Good With Some Decent Ass Play… Next Time The Plan Will Be To All Out Ravage His Ass Till He Taps Out But I’ll Save That Lesson For Another Series. Hope You Dudes Enjoyed This Audition. I Know I Did. More

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    Yuck Boys – Pressure (Phase 1)

    Tricky Didnt Want To Do A Show While Yjazz Just Sat There And Watched, And I Was Unsure If I Wanted Yjazz To See That I Did Male To Male Porn As Well. Without Even Thinking, I Told Tricky To Go Ahead And Do The Show And We’ll See What Happens And Take It From There. Now, Yjazz is A Straight Nigga I’ve Known For About A Year. I Met Him When Me And The Yuck Girls Were Out Scouring Clubs For New Dudes To Fuck Them On Their Show, How Ironic That Yjazz Ends Up On Ours? With This Video I Decided To Segment It Into Two Parts. There WereOver 2hrs Worth Of Footage On This One, And I’ve Been Receiving Tons Of Requests From Viewers To Leave More Of The Warm Up AndBehind The Scenes Footage In The Flicks We Make. This Is An Attempt To Bring Something To You Guys Unedited Or Uh, Less Edited (Heh), And Deliver Something More Candid In Our Videos Like With Our Live Show. Hopefully With This Effort, You Guys Can Understand More Of The Realism Involved In Creating These Flicks. If You Guys Like This Format I’ll Use It More Often….. Stay Tuned To The “Pressure” Series To Find Out How Far We Get With Our New Straight Bait Friend Yjazz! More

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