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How To Train Your Boy – 107 | Sharing Is Caring | Finale`

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My Dick Got Pretty Close To Blaze's Ass While We Took Turns Taggin' Huey Out. In A Way, I Think It Turned Him On. Maybe Not. . . Or Maybe Just The Thought Of What I Might Do To Him, Or Perhaps He Even Figured I'd Want Him To Offer His Ass Up In BarterFor Lettin' Him Use Property (Huey) I De-virginized. Either Way, He Nutted OnHuey About 3Secs After I Rolled Up Behind Him And Started Gettin' My Dick Prepped To Enter His Virgin Butt Too. Had Pre-Cum Spewing From My Dick Slit And Everything. Huey Later Told Me That More Cum Was In His Ass Than There Was On His Back After Blazed Fucked Him. I Took Over Afterwards, Banged More Nutt Up In Hueys Tight Already Cum Drenched Butt. I'm Kinda Disappointed I Didn't Get To Tag Both Asses. But I Came Pretty Close This Time. Huey Was A G For Takin' Both Our Dicks Back To Back. Neither Of Us Are Average Sized So Huey Get's Some Player Points For That Considering How Tight He Is. Blaze Even Had A Hard Time Keepin His Dick Up In It. I Know My Dick Was Fuck'n Ready That Night! I Crammed As Much Of The Footage We Got That Night As I Could Into This Clip Dudes. It Was Extremely Hard To Sync The Angles Due To The Music Playing In The Background. Hopefully No One Is As Annoyed By The Music Playing So Loud As I Was. I Think That It's Something Blaze Uses To Distract His Mind From The Fact That He's Pumping His Dick Up Another Dude's Butt. Feel Free To Comment :P



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Written by Yuck

It's Ya Boy!
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Yuck Boys – How To Train Your Boy 107 – Sharing Is Caring (Phase 2)

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