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Mess Kit – Part 1 (Sneaker)

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Rex Invited His Friend Felix Along One Night During One Of His Live Camera Shoots. He'd Told Him What A Big Dick Yuck Boy Had And Made A Wager That HeCouldn'tTake It All TheWay To The Base If Given The Opportunity. It Started With Rex And Felix Showing Off Some Of Their Assets By Putting On A duo Twink Show (Rex Told Felix That It'd Just Be Him And Another White Guy As Felix Had Never Been With A Black Dude Before And He Was Intimidated By The Size Of Yuck Boys Cock. Before Long, He'd Started Gettin' Into It. Jabbing His Tight hole With His Fingers, Seeming To Get It Ready To Take Some Big Dick. At Least That's What Yuck Boy Presumed. Felix Lifted his Legs In The Air in a Missionary Bottom Position Completely Exposing His Twink Hole Toward Yuck Boy. That Was The Trigger! Enter YuckBoy.. .. By Now Rex Was In On The Action, Seeming To Help Felix Get What He Was Destined ToReceive. With A LittleCoaxing From Rex, YuckBegan To Grab And Finger Every Twink Hole In Sight. Readying Them For Some Extreme Penetration. After Working Those Holes Open For A Bit, HeWas Ready To Slay The Naughty Little Faggots. Yuck Decided He Would Feed Felix With His Big Black Dick First. Slowly But Steady, He Pushed It Into The Punk, Felix Felt What Seemed Like Iced-Lightening Sizzling Up His Spine From His Hole Being Gaped Open By ThatBig Cock. After Witnessing What Was Inevitably About To Happen To His Own Hole, Rex Got Into PositionAnd Eagerly Begged Yuck To Punish His Hole In The Same Manner. He Was Determined To Have It In Him. Watching His Friend Hop Off Of It With God Struck Fear In His Eyes He Spread His Hole For A Deep Seeded Penetration. Little Did Either Of Them Know That Yuck Had Invited Over Another Dude To Use Them As Well. What A Mess Kit These Boys Have Gotten Themselves Into!


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Written by Yuck

It's Ya Boy!
Goin' In Hard Trying To Make Yuck Boys Into An International Brand! Thanks To Everyone Who's Showin' Us Love!
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Mess Kit – Phase 1

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