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Street Trash – Skittles – Phase 1 – Desmond’s Audition (Billy’s Edit)

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Juicy called me up the other day after our debut of "Double Down" was released (check it out!!!), and wanted to see if I'd be down for another round. I happened to be filming with Yuck for the 4th (Woot Woot!) so I said sure why not?  We invited our new friend Desmond to join us, but it being his first time he was a little shy at first. Desmond said he doubts another dude can get him hard, but he'd be willing to flex & stunt for the cam needing the extra cash going off to college in the fall.  You already know what we were thinking. Juicy would be up for this challenge!  

You won't want to miss this guys! We got hours (HOURS) of footage of the wild events that happened that night. We'll be bringing you updates all throughout July so stay tuned shitheads!

***This Clip Was Recorded During A Live Broadcast Of One Of Our Candid Performances. The Acts That You See Here Are Real And Totally Unscripted Or Pre-Planned***



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