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My Boy Yjazz Came Over During One Of Our Live Sessions. When He Texted Me, We Were Working On A Yuck Girls Show And I Sent Him A Few Snap Shots Of What I Was Working On With The Females. He Asked If He Could Slide Through And Help. Reluctantly I Said Yes. When He Arrived The Girls Were Already Done With Their Show And Tricky Was About To Get On For A Solo With The Fans And Jack Off A Bit. Tricky Didnt Want To Do A Show While Yjazz Just Sat There And Watched, And I Was Unsure If I Wanted Yjazz To See That I Did Male To Male Porn As Well. Without Even Thinking, I Told Tricky To Go Ahead And Do The Show And We'll See What Happens And Take It From There. Now, Yjazz is A Straight Nigga I've Known For About A Year. I Met Him When Me And The Yuck Girls Were Out Scouring Clubs For New Dudes To Fuck Them On Their Show, How Ironic That Yjazz Ends Up On Ours? With This Video I Decided To Segment It Into Two Parts. There Were Over 2hrs Worth Of Footage On This One, And I've Been Receiving Tons Of Requests From Viewers To Leave More Of The Warm Up And Behind The Scenes Footage In The Flicks We Make. This Is An Attempt To Bring Something To You Guys Unedited Or Uh, Less Edited (Heh), And Deliver Something More Candid In Our Videos Like With Our Live Show. Hopefully With This Effort, You Guys Can Understand More Of The Realism Involved In Creating These Flicks. If You Guys Like This Format I'll Use It More Often..... Stay Tuned To The "Pressure" Series To Find Out How Far We Get With Our New Straight Bait Friend Yjazz! - YB

***This Video Was Filmed During One Of Our Live Chaturbate Broadcasts. As Usual, Nothing Is Fake, Planned, Scripted, Or Rehearsed. Everything Happens In Real Time And Is Caught On Film As Such ***


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  • YuckBoysLive

    This video came out a bit dark in the middle. Something in the render got fucked up im going to try to re-render it but it will take some time as its a rather large file and its going to take about 8hrs to render out and upload to our CDN. Thanks for your patience guys. I had to get this out though