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    Yuck Boys – Ca$h Out

    Ca$h Is A Tatted Up Masculine Blonde Hair Blue Eyed Boy That I Later Found Out Was Actually My Neighbor. We Started Hangin Out As Drinkin’ Buddies And Playing Call Of Duty Till One Day He Told Me He Was A Model For A Local Clothing Store Chain. Though My Eyes Grew Big Thinking He’d Be A Dead Ringer For Our Live Shows And Videos, I Was Still Timid To Ask Or Approach Him About It Because Of How Close He Lived To Me. More

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    The Freak King – Mark Back Mountin’ (42min)

    I Decided To Give Huey A Shot At Being On The Top. First I Got Marky Warmed Up By Feeding His Tight Hole Some Of This Big Ass Meat Stick. After Opening It Up A Bit For Huey, We Took It Inside (Got Tired Of The Dog Lookin At Me Fuck Marky Against The Post). This Is Where It All Went Down. I Turned On Our Live Chaturbate Cam So Our Fans Could Watch. Both Marky And Huey Were Definately Fine With That. Let Tricky Hold The Camera (He’s Gotta Be Good For Something Right?) Shackled Marky’s Feet Up, And Took Turns Mountin’ Him With Huey Till I Came Inside His Ass. After Gettin’ Filled Up Real Deep, I Bust Another Load All Over Marky’sDick And Balls Which He Used To Jack His Own Dick Off And Nutt. I Swear We Fucked For About 3Hours That Night And Got The Edit Down To About 42minutes. Theres Another Part To This Coming So Stay Tuned If You Like This Saga. More

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    The Mormon Encounter- Part 1 (BBC Study)

    I Heard The Door Bell Ring Again. . . Twice In The Same Half- Hour, Ive Been Avoiding My Morman Friends All Day, Except This Time, It Was JustRandy By Himself Without His Co-Minister Ely. I Invited Him In Wearing Just My Jock Shorts And A Bulge beneath. . . Semi Hard Already Just From The Thought Of What Was Likely To Come. The Guy Sat On The Futon Couch Immediately, Perhaps Trying To Hide His Own Hard Dick. As He Began Speaking, It Became Obvious His Eyes Were Glancing At My Dick Head That Was Brimming Atop My Shorts By Now. I Went For it… Just Said “Fuck It I Need My Dick Sucked” … He Unexpectedly Pulled His Pants Down To His Ankles. Still In Shock No Doubt, But Shit I Was Horny And Pulled My Shorts All The Way Down Too! It Went From A Litttle Bit Of Dick Sucking, To Him Getting To FeelMy Big Cock Rip Open His Hole. He Squeezed His Hole Trying To Stop It But There Was No Keeping Me Out Of His Guts.“That’s So Fucking Deep”- He Exclaimed In Pain. It Was Difficult For My Dick To Keep Hard In His Tight Virgin Ass But I Pushed Past His Cherry Anyways. Steadily Moving It In And Out, His Ass Sphincter Gripping And Suctioning My Cock The Whole Way. My Big Dick Inside Him Sent Pulses Through His Own More

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    Head Game

    I Was Vulnerable. I Only Wanted To Use Him For A Place To Put My Cock, Because My BoyFriend Wasn’t Doing His Job. If I Weren’tIn A Relationship, I Probably Would Have Kept His Black Cock In Me Longer. His Cock Tasted Good In My Mouth. The Way His Mouth Was Vacuuming It, Im Sure MineTasted WonderfulTo Him Also. The Night Before, We WereUp Till The Crack Of Dawn, And I Was Completely Clueless That He Wanted Me The Same Way I Wanted Him. It Was Damn Near Quarter Till 7am When We Finally Finished. He And I Both Had Friends Over That Night For Our Camera Show, But They’d Already Left By Then. He Grabbed My Cock And Pushed Me Over To The Couch To Clean The Sweaty Sperm Off My Cock From Earlier, And We Went At It All Over Again. . This Situation Is Turning Out To Be Much More Than I Initially Bargained For! – Dez More

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    Office Blow

    @Yuckboy And @collegejockbilly Recorded This During One Of Their Lives Shows On Chaturbate. We Wanted To Try Recording From Different Angles. If You Guys Like These, We’ll Use More Angles More Often. We Just Dont Want To Give The Wrong Impression To Those Who Love Our Candiness And Realism. Definately Hot To See Billy Sucking On That Massive BBC. Damn @YuckBoy , I Can Only Imagine What Other Naughty Things You And Billy Got Into Up In That Office! More

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