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    The Freak King – Flee Bottom

    Erick And Ice Showed Up One Day To Do A Scene With A New Bottom Named “Saylor Dude”. Saylor Is An Ex Military Guy Who’s Never Been Fucked Before. He’d Told Us That He’d Fooled Around With Guys Before But Mostly Head And Jacking Off But Never Really Much Anal. He Mentioned How He Had Always Fantasized About Being With Two Tops At Once And Figured He May As Well Go Hard If He Was Going To Bottom For The First Time. When He Arrived, The Idea Was For Both Erick And Ice To Try And Top Him, He’d Started Sucking Ericks Dick Which Seemed To Have Felt Good Considering Erick’s Reaction. Erick Couldn’t Hold Back Much Longer And Started Lubing Saylor’s Ass And Before Long Saylor Was Face Down In Ice’s Crotch With Erick’s Cock Buried Deep In His Ass Bare. More

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    The Freak King – Dog Dare – Taboo

    o This Little Nigga Tried To Be Hard And Said Can’t No White Boy Ever Fuck Him. Dadadada … Only Niggas…. Wooo Woo Woo .. . . So I Invited The Nigga Over To A Live Shoot Me And @collegejockbilly Set Up Yesterday Afternoon And Dared Em To Suck Billy’s Dick For $50 On Our Live Broadcast.  He Didnt Even Flinch Before He Was Down On His Knees. Considering How Far He Went Without Much More Motivation Or Persuasion On My Part, And The Fact That I Still Got My $50 In My Pocket, I’m Not Sure If He Did It For The Money Or Perhaps He Just Has Some Strange Fixation For Big Dicks Ravaging His Holes? I Pretty Much Sat This One Out And Let Billy Shine A Bit. Gave Him A Thumbs Up To Let Him Know It Was Okay For Him To Tag Before Me And It Was On! I Can See He Definately Has Been Picking Up Some Tricks From Big Daddy No Doubt! Besides, A Nigga Dick Needa Rest Too!  I Just Think It’s Funny Though How This All Went Down. We Did Just About Everything This Nigga Swore He Would Never Do… Don’t Believe Me Just Watch. More

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    The Freak King – Mark Back Mountin’ (42min)

    I Decided To Give Huey A Shot At Being On The Top. First I Got Marky Warmed Up By Feeding His Tight Hole Some Of This Big Ass Meat Stick. After Opening It Up A Bit For Huey, We Took It Inside (Got Tired Of The Dog Lookin At Me Fuck Marky Against The Post). This Is Where It All Went Down. I Turned On Our Live Chaturbate Cam So Our Fans Could Watch. Both Marky And Huey Were Definately Fine With That. Let Tricky Hold The Camera (He’s Gotta Be Good For Something Right?) Shackled Marky’s Feet Up, And Took Turns Mountin’ Him With Huey Till I Came Inside His Ass. After Gettin’ Filled Up Real Deep, I Bust Another Load All Over Marky’s Dick And Balls Which He Used To Jack His Own Dick Off And Nutt. I Swear We Fucked For About 3Hours That Night And Got The Edit Down To About 42minutes. Theres Another Part To This Coming So Stay Tuned If You Like This Saga. More

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