Yuck Boys – Game Of Throat – Sloppy Seconds!

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Dionte Is A Dude I Met One Day At The Supermarket. He Was Behind Me In Line While I Was Having Issues With The Tap To Pay Option At A Local Grocery Store, And Offered To Assist Me With Getting It To Work. During This Period, I Reluctantly Handed Him My Cell Phone. Dionte Somehow Had Gotten My Phone Number And Decided To Text Me A Bit Later After Leaving The Store. Note, I Did Not Give Him My Number. He Said He Noticed My Yuck Boys Logo On My Phone's Home Screen, And Got My Number From The Payment Page Loaded On My Phone When I Handed It To Him And Apologized For Being Nosey. I Told Him It Was Fine, But That Now He Owed Me Something In Return :D

Dionte Said He Was Curious About Doing Videos. Both Shooting Them And Being On Cam Himself If It Came Down To It, But Didn't Want His Face Shown. He Also Said He Had Just Recently Started Fooling Around With A DL College Buddy A Month Or So Ago, And Wanted To Try Sucking Someone With A Bigger Dick. He Mentioned That He'd Never Been Fucked And That It Would Take Some Coaching And Training To Get To That Level With Me, But That He Still Wanted To Try Deep Throating It.

My First Response Was "Do You Swallow?" Followed By "If I Put You In A Mask, Are You Cool To Record It?" His Reply Was "When Are You Free?" So I Told Him I'd Be Ready In About An Hour. Told Him To Come In, Get Naked, Grab The Mask Off Of The "Casting" Futon, And Get On His Knees So I Can Feed Him Dick And Nutt. His Reply To That Was "I'll Be Right Over"

While He Sucked My Dick I Noticed That He Had Gotten Pretty Turned On. Judging From How Hard His Dick Was And How He Opened His Throat For Me At Least. I'm Usually An Edger And Most Time's I Have To Keep The Bottom From Cumming Before I Do, So I Tried To Judge When He Was Gonna Shoot And Synchronize With That And Failed Because I Nutted Before He Did. Right Down His Throat A Good While Before He Did :P
He Did Do Exactly As He Was Told And Exactly What He Said He'd Do. Swallowed Every Single Drop Of My Huge 1wk Old Load! He Even Continued To Suck And Drain It Till My Dick Started To Grow Soft While He Spit Lubed His Own Dick And Jacked Out A Huge Wad Of Nutt As Well.

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Cameron Is A Straight Dude Who Auditioned For Yuck Boys Not Long Ago. Cameron Was Just Getting Used To Being On Camera With Other Dudes, But Had Never Done Anything In Front Of Yuck Boys’ Live Video Feed For An Audience. Yuck And I Convinced Him To Come Over To Do A Video With Us One Night After Hanging Out At A Local Bar. Little Did We Know That Cameron Had His Own Plans. The Masculine Stud Sucked My Cock For Almost An Hour Just To Get Warmed Up. (Forgive me for editing a lot of it out) By The End Of The Night He’d Taken Both Mine And Yuck’s Cocks, And All Three Of Our Nut Sacs Were Emptied. As A Matter Of Fact, Yuck And Myself Took Turns Fucking Each Other’s Cum Up Inside Cameron’s Hole.

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Huey’s Reaction To Our First Encounter Kinda Shocked Me To Be Honest.  He Asked Me About The Live Amateur Shows That I Shoot And Said He’d Be Interested In An Audition. I Told Him That The Live Audience Is A Lot Different Than Just Having A Cam Set Up Or Making Some POV Porn On Your Phone. He Said He’d Been Thinking About It And Would Be Down , But Couldn’t Make Any Promises About Getting Fucked Or Anything Like That. He’d Just Had His First Cock In His Butt Only A Week Prior (By Me), And Said His Hole Was Still A Little Tender When He Pokes It With His Finger. He Knew I Was Much Bigger Than His Finger And Knew That I’d Rip Him Open Again If Given The Opportunity.  Honestly I Hadn’t Nutted In Almost A Week And Wasn’t Quite Sure That I Wanted To Shoot My Spent In Just His Throat. He Was A Good Cock Sucker From What I Remembered Though, So I Figured I’d Give It A Try And See What Happens. I Started Out With Letting Him Hold My Dick. He’d Been Looking At My Print Since He Walked In The Door So I Could Tell He Was Curious To Experience More With It. I Took My Time. Instead Of My Hands, I Decided I Would Edge Up Using The Boy’s Mouth. Remind Him What A Good Thing He’s Been Gettin’ And Let Him Learn His Place.  I Told Him To Suck It. He Used His Hands A Bit At First But That Was A No No! He Didn’t Know Any Better But He Would Learn Very Soon Indeed. . . .

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Now This Was A Setup That Could Have Gone So Many Different Types Of Sideways. Not To Mention Tricky Who Is A Cum Whore For Straight Dick Was Amidst Trying To Coax Things Along. Gina Finally Makes Her Appearance After Blaze And JC Sat For A While On Camera Not Really Knowing What To Do. Blaze Kept Looking At His Phone For Porn To “Fluff” (Perhaps To Sword Fight Later On With JC?). JC Was Sitting There Full Mast For The Most Part Bringing The Total Combined Dick Length On The Camera To Nearly 20″s. Once Gina Arrived On The Scene, You Could Definitely See The Difference In Blaze. Gina Teases Them A Bit And Then Literally Grabs Both Of Their Cocks At Once. Then She Left The Area . . . The Two Of Them Sat There For A Minute Trying To Figure Out What To Do Next (Nothing Is Acted Out With Our Scenes They Just Go How They Go And We Roll Tape). . .