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Baby Red Is Our Youngest Yuck Boy At 18yo. Hes Never Been Fucked Before, Never Swallowed Cum Before. Never Been Bred. Hell There's Not Much He Had Done At All TBH. .. . . Then He Met The Freak King Yuck Himself! Yuck Started With His Mouth. Let Him Get Used To The Feel Of That Long Thick Dick Stretching His Lips And That Humongous Dick Head Pluggin' His Tonsils. Then He Starts Working With Red's Hole Which Was Tight As Fuck. Red Doesn't Seem To Have Much Of A Gag Reflex. It Looks Like Yuck Will Have To Stick With Using His Mouth As A Cum Hole For A While Till Red's Ass Is Trained To Take That Big Black Cock Deep And Get Seeded. Stay Tuned To This Series To See What Happens Next.


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