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    Yuck Boys – Shooters

    Erick, Rex, And Yuck Got Together To Play Around With The Green Screen At The Studio. Even After Doing A Show Earlier And Trashing The Studio, They Still Managed To Pull Off The Photo Shoot And Have A Bit Of Fun Too. I Was There With The Camera (Tricky), And Though I Got Groped On A Few Times By Erick,We’d Been Working For Almost 18 Hours Straight And I Was Tired As Fuck So Excuse My Handy Camera Work :P More

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    Yuck Boys – Da Whiz

    After Partying All Night At The Dorms At A Nearby Campus, We Stopped At The Fuck Spot For A Second To Grab More Beer And Before We Could Even Get Back Out The Door Rex And Juicy Started Goin’ At It. These Two Had Just Blown Each Other Off In A Dare At One Dorm Party, And Here They Are At It Again In A Full Blown Impromptu Fuck! After Rex Nutted In Juicy’s Ass, I GuessMy Straight Nigga Be-Lo Had Gotten Hard. What Started Out As Be-LoWanting To Experiment And Watch. .. .Maybe Help With The Cams Or Help Me Hold Shit Down In Case Something Popped Off That Night, Ended Up With Him Going A Lot Further Than I Had Expected. He Not Only Got His Dick Wet But He Ended Up Breeding Rex’s Ass Raw After Gaping It Real Good. Check Out This Clip To See How It All Went Down. . . –Yuck Boy More

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    Yuck Boys – Freak – A – Saurus ::ReX::

    They Started Out With A Nice Long Oral Session, Then Cameron Went To Town On Rex’s Hole. I Mean Stretching That Fucker To Limits I Had No Idea It Could Go. Cameron Even Toyed Around A Bit, Using His Rod To Penetrate The Boy’s Hole And Popping It In And Out Of Him So He Could See How Long It Would Stay Opened From The Damage

    He’d Been Dealing Rex.

    Honestly I Really Liked The Dick Ramming Myself, And Though I Think Cameron Came A Bit Prematurely (He Warned Me), He Definitely Made Up For It By Fucking His Thick Straight Boy Spooge Pie Into Rex’s Insides. Defiantely Creampie Of The Year. More

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    Mess Kit – Phase 2

    By Now Rex Was In On The Action, Seeming To Help Felix Get What He Was Destined ToReceive. With A LittleCoaxing From Rex, YuckBegan To Grab And Finger Every Twink Hole In Sight. Readying Them For Some Extreme Penetration. After Working Those Holes Open For A Bit, HeWas Ready To Slay The Naughty Little Faggots. Yuck Decided He Would Feed Felix With His Big Black Dick First. Slowly But Steady, He Pushed It Into The Punk, Felix Felt What Seemed Like Iced-Lightening Sizzling Up His Spine From His Hole Being Gaped Open By ThatBig Cock. After Witnessing What Was Inevitably About To Happen To His Own Hole, Rex Got Into PositionAnd Eagerly Begged Yuck To Punish His Hole In The Same Manner. He Was Determined To Have It In Him. Watching His Friend Hop Off Of It With God Struck Fear In His Eyes He Spread His Hole For A Deep Seeded Penetration. Little Did Either Of Them Know That Yuck Had Invited Over Another Dude To Use Them As Well. What A Mess Kit These Boys Have Gotten Themselves Into! More

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