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    Yuck Boys – How To Train Your Boy 107 – Sharing Is Caring (Phase 1)

    Blaze Has Been AroundMe For Almost A Year. He Started Out Helping Me Film With Molly And Summer (Two Of The Yuck Girls Chicks). It Wasn’t Too Long Before He Caught On To What I Was Doing With Yuck Boys (Which Has Become Increasingly Hard To Hide BTW) But All I Can Say Is That He’s Been “Helping”Us Eversince :) NowHuey Joined Up With Us A Few Months After Blaze First Got His Dick Sucked By A Dude. Huey Had Never Had His Mouth Or Butt Hole On Any Other Pipe Before Besides Mine. Now Don’t Get Me Wrong, Even Though There’s No Hanky Panky Going On With Me Or Any Of The Other Guys Off Cam, I Still Feel Some Type Of Way When Another Dude Is Pipin’ Down A Bitch That I Claimed For The First Time. When He’s A Virgin You Simply Own It! Lucky For Blaze We’re Cool Like That. He’s Proven Himself No Doubt To Be Ride Or Die And A Down Ass Homey. So I Let It Ride. Besides, The Fact That He’d Told Me He Didn’t Want To Do Any “Gay Stuff” For A While. Said He’d Be Down To Do Yuck Girls Shows But Wanted To “Take A Break” From The Dude Bangin’. I Had To Do Something. It Was Clear That Blaze Was Losing Confidence In His Ability To Cross The Threshold Into Man To Man Sex. It’s Not Like He Ever Pretended To Be Straight. When I Met Him He Was With Two Females. Hell, I Even Video Taped Him And Myself A Few Times With Girls We’d Met At The Bar Just Clownin. Or Him Bangin Bitches Out On Our Live Cam Shows .. Blaze Is The Real Deal… Definately Legit…. What To Do? More

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    Cock Locked – Billy Tries Bottom Again

    Before I Was Able To Take @Yuck ‘s Big Cock In My Ass I Had To Go Through Quite A Bit Of Training For It. I’d NEVER Had Anything Up My Ass Before, And Definately Not A Big Black Cock Like His So It Took A Minute. This Clips Shows Yuck Boy Getting My Ass Ready To Take His Cock Deeper. He Said I Needed To Learn How To Take It Longer And Deeper. . . . . Said He Needs To Fuck It Harder To Be Able To Fuck It Until He Shoots Inside. I’m Not Sure If Im Up For All That But I Definately Know I Want To Feel What It’s Like To Have That Cum Inside Me. Feel Free To Leave Comments On How I’m Doing With This. Enjoy! More

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    College Jock Billy Fucks Anonymous Blindfolded Twink

    @collegejockbilly Fucks A Blindfolded Anonymous Twink In The Face And Eventually Slides In His Big Cock Up Inside That Tight Twink Butt And Shoots Both Inside And Out. What A Fucking Huge Cum Load! That Twink Seems To Be Able To Take Dick Like The Energizer Bunny Takes Batteries. I Want In Him Next Billy! More

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    Plug N’ Play – Universal Serial Bust (Full)

    Randy Hit Yuck Boy Up A Few Weeks Ago After He’d Gotten Done With His Personal Trainer. Said He Was In The Area And Wanted To Come See How Yuck Does His Live Show, And Maybe Even Sit In For A Bit During. @Yuck Hadn’t Seen Randy Since Summer Last Year, And Figured It’d Be A Good Chance To “Catch” Up And Possibly GrabA New Recruit! One Thing Yuck Boy Can’t Resist Is A Masculine, Bubble Assed, Gym Jock! Before He Could Even Get Into The Studio Good, He Was Ready To Ravage Randy’s Holes.This Clip Was Actually Taken Before Plug N Play – Unplugged, So Randy Already Had An Ass Loaded Full Of Cum By The Time Those Plugs Were Sized In His Ass And Pushing Yucks Nutt Even Deeper. Though Randy Has A Tight Ass Hole, He Still Likes It Rough. Yuck Aims To Deliver. More

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