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    Yuck Boys – Smash Breaus Frat Melee` – Phase One

    Cameron’s Birthday Had Just Recently Come Up And To Our Surprise He Wanted To Do A Show For His Birthday. I Called Yuck To See If He Could Help Out With Casting This Scene But He Said He Probably Could Only Get Some Camera People Together On Such Short Notice. A Reluctant Cameron And I Showed Up At The Studio Where Tricky, Sunshine, (Both Designated Camera Guys) And Of Course Yuck. Yuck Had Already Mentioned Beforehand That He Would Let Us Get On The Yuck Boys Live Web Show But That He Wasn’t Likely To Be Participating. Cameron Didn’t Seem To Mind, And Actually Seemed To Have Found A Playmate WithSunshine And His Bubble Ass. More

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    Yuck Boys – Wet Wet

    Even With The Shower Only Mere Feet Away, His Musky Pubes Grazed My Nose While His Full Sac Swung Merrily Between His Thighs. Luckily He Didn’t Take Very Long To Nutt This Time When He Put His Big Black Monster Dick In My Ass Though. His Dick Gets Extremely Solid When He’s In An Edging Mood And It Hurts My Tight Hole Like Hell. He Ended Up Breeding Me And Then Pulling Out And Cumming Again On And Between My Ass Cheeks. Excuse My Loud Moans. They Are Definitely Moans Of Pleasure. More

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    Yuck Boys – Battin’ Rogue

    We Met Marky Almost A Year Ago — Straight Bait Dude With A Girlfriend, Doesn’t Care Much About Gay Lifestyles (Awesome) Or Even Sucking Dick Really, But Absolutely LOVES His Holes Used By A Big Cock — Yuck Boy Takes Charge In This Scene And Gives Marky Exactly What He Needs. He Smacks It On Marky’s Face A Bit First To Get It Hard, Then Uses Marky’s Ass As An Edge Tool, Stroking HisInsides WithVarying Rhythm And Intensity. It’s Almost Like He’s Milking Pre-Cum Out Of That HugeBat Till He Cant Hold Back Any Longer And Eventually Explodes Inside Marky’s Ass. Yuck Doesn’t Stop There, He Keeps Fucking The Load Deep Into Marky. Punishing Him For The Little Straight Bait Trade Punk He Is. Knowing That Even Though He Plays A Tough Dude On The Street And On The Field, Marky Remembers His Place. He Knows That When He’s Around Yuck He’s Nothing But A Walking Fuck Hole Ready For Use Whenever And However His Black Master Chooses. This Video Has Tons Of Anal Fucking In It And The Sounds Are Amazing! I Especially Enjoy Hearing That Big Cock Gushing Around In Marky’s Pre-cum Lubed Butt. To See How Much Yuck Seems To Enjoy Putting Marky Into Submission Even More Than The Actual Fucking (Which Is HOT!) But A Bit Disturbing :) All In All, Yuck Got A Nice Hole To Breed And Fill For The Night, And Marky Got What He Needs To Become The Blossoming Raw Dick ServantThat He’s Destined… I Edited This Video Myself Guys So Go Easy On Me If I Fucked Up. . . More

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    Yuck Boys – Fire Cracka (Same Shit Different Breed)

    This Dude Named Hollywood Came Through One Day While I Was Looking For A New Bottom To Put On One Of Our Live Shows. Dude Had Been Blowin’ Up My Phone Trying To Get On My Camera. He Came Over With A White Boy He Told Me He Was Going To Top As His Partner In The Film. He Ended Up Being A Bottom For Me And Erick Both That Day While His Partner Waited Outside. I Drilled One Nut In His Ass. Tried To Breed Him With It But Then It Oozed Out. Then Fed Him Another One Along With Some Feet, Balls, And Even Some Of His Ass To Mouth. This Dude Was A Complete Freak. He Let Erick Tap And Breed Too! Saying He Never Been Fucked By A White Boy. Trying To Say He Only Did It Because I Instructed Him To And He Was Just Being Obedient To His Master. I Wasnt’ Going To Release This Video But Browsing Archives This Past Week Ran Across It And Figured Some Of You May Enjoy It! More

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    Yuck Boys – Pressure (Phase 1)

    Tricky Didnt Want To Do A Show While Yjazz Just Sat There And Watched, And I Was Unsure If I Wanted Yjazz To See That I Did Male To Male Porn As Well. Without Even Thinking, I Told Tricky To Go Ahead And Do The Show And We’ll See What Happens And Take It From There. Now, Yjazz is A Straight Nigga I’ve Known For About A Year. I Met Him When Me And The Yuck Girls Were Out Scouring Clubs For New Dudes To Fuck Them On Their Show, How Ironic That Yjazz Ends Up On Ours? With This Video I Decided To Segment It Into Two Parts. There WereOver 2hrs Worth Of Footage On This One, And I’ve Been Receiving Tons Of Requests From Viewers To Leave More Of The Warm Up AndBehind The Scenes Footage In The Flicks We Make. This Is An Attempt To Bring Something To You Guys Unedited Or Uh, Less Edited (Heh), And Deliver Something More Candid In Our Videos Like With Our Live Show. Hopefully With This Effort, You Guys Can Understand More Of The Realism Involved In Creating These Flicks. If You Guys Like This Format I’ll Use It More Often….. Stay Tuned To The “Pressure” Series To Find Out How Far We Get With Our New Straight Bait Friend Yjazz! More

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