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Da Bang Out V3 – It Begins – Ft. Isaac The Fornicator

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Isaac Said He'd Never Had Any White Cock In His Ass Before Or Never Had Bareback Sex. He's A College Buddy Of Mine Yuck Randomly Invited Over After The Bar One Night Recently. I've Always Thought Isaac Was Presumably Straight, But @yuck Said He Said He "Saw Something" In Him, And Invited Him To The Studio.  It Was Kinda Late That Night Already, So Yeah, He Was Probably Talking About His Big Black Cock Because Lets Just Say, Isaac Got His Little Tight Hole Filled That Night By Both Of Us. Gaping And Raw As Ever By The Time We Were Both Finished. Even Got His First Big White Cock Too Courtesy Of ME! Shit, He Even Got To Get Yucked Up (Initiated And Fucked Into)The Yuck Boys' Gang On The Casting Couch Of 1000 Cocks And Cum Shots :P Good Job Isaac! What You Did Was Definately Ok To Do Again. Here's The Clip Of How It All Started - @collegejockbilly



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Da Bang Out V3 – It Begins – (Sneaker) Subscription Required