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I'd Just Been Fucked By Him A Few Hours Ago. He Fucked My Hole Raw And Red And It Still Stung When I Touched It With My Forefinger. Yuck Boy Shackled, Cuffed, Blindfolded, And Chained Me To Various Poles And Support Beams In A Cold Damp Basement.

This Felt Like Punishment To Me But For Some Reason Felt Right.  Within Myself I Felt I Should Probably Be Punished If I Can't Take My Dominant Black Master's Cock.  He Eventually Caged Me. . . 


He Said It Was Because I Couldn't Take His Dick Good Enough Yet For Him To Use My Hole To Fully Ejaculate His Sperm And That I'd Be A Proper Receptacle By Taking It Directly From Piss Slit Instead Of Him Having To Jack It In My Mouth Or On My Hole. He Told Me It Needed To Be Ripped Open By A Real Man's Cock Like He'd Just Done. Yuck Said That Would Train Me To Take Dick Better. I Wanted To Serve Him. Be Owned By Him, But I Just Couldn't Bear The Intense Stinging Pain Ripping Through My Insides. It Takes Guts To Open Up And Be Impaled By His Huge Bat.

  First He Tried To Stick His Dick Through The Hole In The Cage. When It Wouldnt Fit, He Just Popped His Head Between The Bars And Made Me Lick My Tongue In His Precum Lathered Piss Slit. After Teasing His Fat Meaty Dick Head Through The Cold Metal Bars A Bit, He Decided He Needed More Of His Length In Me. He Let Me Out Of The Cage And Unshackled Me.  I Began To Realize This Was Only To Aid Him In His Plan To Stab Me With That Humongous Thick Cock And Not For My Comfort At All. He Said That I Would Be Able To Open My Ass Better If I Didn't Have Those Shackles On And That He'd Be Able To Step In Closer So His Nuts Could Touch My Ass Cheeks When He Rammed Me.  He Even Uncuffed Me And Removed The Blindfold. .


Made Me Lube My Own Ass While He Primed His Dick Up To Full Mast. All I Could Do Is Stare At His Strong Musty Body And Huge Cock In His Hands.. Imagining The Slaughter That Was About To Take Place On My Hole And Deep Inside Me. He Told Me To Sit On His Cock Facing Him... 

 .......   In This Video You're About To See What Happened Next . . . - Huey


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  • Being in a cage is such a turn on. It’s small, cramped and confining but it’s pure pleasure because your master wants you there. As any real slave knows, pleasing the man is your only function. The really good part is that by pleasing your master you get a big cock to suck and get fucked by.