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    Yuck Boys – Flooded (Phase One)

    I Did A Show With Yuck Boy A Few Weeks Ago. It Went Somewhat Okay Until He Tried To Stick His Cock In My Ass. I Simply Couldnt Take It. I Hadnt Been Fucked In A While And It Hurt Too Bad.  After The Show, He’d Mentioned That He Hadn’t Nutted In About 3 Days. That Explains Why It Was So Hard And Long When He Tried To Put It Inside My Butt. He Wanted To Fuck But Said He Didn’t Want To Waste A Good Cum Shot Without Filming It For The Site At Least.  I Was Still A Bit Sore From The Attempt To Rail Me Earlier ….I Told Him I Probably Still Wouldn’t Be Able To Take It, But If He Found Another Hole For Us To Use, I’d Be Down To Play With Him As Well. More

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    Yuck Boys – How To Train Your Boy 107 – Sharing Is Caring (Phase 1)

    Blaze Has Been Around Me For Almost A Year. He Started Out Helping Me Film With Molly And Summer (Two Of The Yuck Girls Chicks). It Wasn’t Too Long Before He Caught On To What I Was Doing With Yuck Boys  (Which Has Become Increasingly Hard To Hide BTW) But All I Can Say Is That He’s Been “Helping” Us Eversince :)  Now Huey Joined Up With Us A Few Months After Blaze First Got His Dick Sucked By A Dude. Huey Had Never Had His Mouth Or Butt Hole On Any Other Pipe Before Besides Mine. Now Don’t Get Me Wrong, Even Though There’s No Hanky Panky Going On With Me Or Any Of The Other Guys Off Cam, I Still Feel Some Type Of Way When Another Dude Is Pipin’ Down A Bitch That I Claimed For The First Time. When He’s A Virgin You Simply Own It! Lucky For Blaze We’re Cool Like That. He’s Proven Himself No Doubt To Be Ride Or Die And A Down Ass Homey.  So I Let It Ride. Besides, The Fact That He’d Told Me He Didn’t Want To Do Any “Gay Stuff” For A While. Said He’d Be Down To Do Yuck Girls Shows But Wanted To “Take A Break” From The Dude Bangin’. I Had To Do Something. It Was Clear That Blaze Was Losing Confidence In His Ability To Cross The Threshold Into Man To Man Sex. It’s Not Like He Ever Pretended To Be Straight. When I Met Him He Was With Two Females. Hell, I Even Video Taped Him And Myself A Few Times With Girls We’d Met At The Bar Just Clownin. Or Him Bangin Bitches Out On Our Live Cam Shows .. Blaze Is The Real Deal… Definately Legit…. What To Do? More

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    How To Train Your Boy – 102 – First Probe

    First Probe

    Baby Red Is Our Youngest Yuck Boy At 18yo. Hes Never Been Fucked Before, Never Swallowed Cum Before. Never Been Bred. Hell There’s Not Much He Had Done At All TBH. .. . . Then He Met The Freak King Yuck Himself! Yuck Started With His Mouth. Let Him Get Used To The Feel Of That Long Thick Dick Stretching His Lips And That Humongous Dick Head Pluggin’ His Tonsils. Then He Starts Working With Red’s Hole Which Was Tight As Fuck. Red Doesn’t Seem To Have Much Of A Gag Reflex. It Looks Like Yuck Will Have To Stick With Using His Mouth As A Cum Hole For A While Till Red’s Ass Is Trained To Take That Big Black Cock Deep And Get Seeded. Stay Tuned To This Series To See What Happens Next.   More

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    The Freak King – Danke Dick Ft. Alex

    A Little Sexy Latino Boy Named Alex Hit Billy Up One Night Asking If He Could Get Him In A Film With Yuck Boy. He Said His Only Issue Is That He’d Never Done Bareback Or Swallowed Before. When Yuck Showed Up, He Went Right To Work On That Boy’s Ass Raw And Didnt Think Twice About Injecting Sperm Deep In His Ass Either Right Before Billy Stuck His Dick In And Started Pounding Out His Own Load Using Yuck Boy’s Load For Lube. More

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