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    Yuck Boys – How To Train Your Boy 107 – Sharing Is Caring (Phase 1)

    Blaze Has Been AroundMe For Almost A Year. He Started Out Helping Me Film With Molly And Summer (Two Of The Yuck Girls Chicks). It Wasn’t Too Long Before He Caught On To What I Was Doing With Yuck Boys (Which Has Become Increasingly Hard To Hide BTW) But All I Can Say Is That He’s Been “Helping”Us Eversince :) NowHuey Joined Up With Us A Few Months After Blaze First Got His Dick Sucked By A Dude. Huey Had Never Had His Mouth Or Butt Hole On Any Other Pipe Before Besides Mine. Now Don’t Get Me Wrong, Even Though There’s No Hanky Panky Going On With Me Or Any Of The Other Guys Off Cam, I Still Feel Some Type Of Way When Another Dude Is Pipin’ Down A Bitch That I Claimed For The First Time. When He’s A Virgin You Simply Own It! Lucky For Blaze We’re Cool Like That. He’s Proven Himself No Doubt To Be Ride Or Die And A Down Ass Homey. So I Let It Ride. Besides, The Fact That He’d Told Me He Didn’t Want To Do Any “Gay Stuff” For A While. Said He’d Be Down To Do Yuck Girls Shows But Wanted To “Take A Break” From The Dude Bangin’. I Had To Do Something. It Was Clear That Blaze Was Losing Confidence In His Ability To Cross The Threshold Into Man To Man Sex. It’s Not Like He Ever Pretended To Be Straight. When I Met Him He Was With Two Females. Hell, I Even Video Taped Him And Myself A Few Times With Girls We’d Met At The Bar Just Clownin. Or Him Bangin Bitches Out On Our Live Cam Shows .. Blaze Is The Real Deal… Definately Legit…. What To Do? More

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    Yuck Boys – Dirty Vegas (Phase 1)

    He Knew I Was Much Bigger Than His Finger And Knew That I’d Rip Him Open Again If Given The Opportunity. Honestly I Hadn’t Nutted In Almost A Week And Wasn’t Quite Sure That I Wanted To Shoot My Spent In Just His Throat. He Was A Good Cock Sucker From What I Remembered Though, So I Figured I’d Give It A Try And See What Happens. I Started Out With Letting Him Hold My Dick. He’d Been Looking At My Print Since He Walked In The Door So I Could Tell He Was Curious To Experience More With It. I Took My Time. Instead Of My Hands, I Decided I Would Edge Up Using The Boy’s Mouth. Remind Him What A Good Thing He’s Been Gettin’And LetHim Learn His Place. More

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    Tear Jerker – The Dungeon (Official)

    I’d Just Been Fucked By Him A Few Hours Ago. He Fucked My Hole Raw And Red And It Still Stung When I Touched It With My Forefinger. Yuck Boy Shackled, Cuffed, Blindfolded, And Chained Me To Various Poles And Support Beams In A Cold Damp Basement. This Felt Like Punishment To Me But For Some Reason Felt Right. Within Myself I Felt I Should Probably Be Punished If I Can’t Take My Dominant Black Master’s Cock. He Eventually Caged Me. . . More

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    The Freak King – Mark Back Mountin’ (42min)

    I Decided To Give Huey A Shot At Being On The Top. First I Got Marky Warmed Up By Feeding His Tight Hole Some Of This Big Ass Meat Stick. After Opening It Up A Bit For Huey, We Took It Inside (Got Tired Of The Dog Lookin At Me Fuck Marky Against The Post). This Is Where It All Went Down. I Turned On Our Live Chaturbate Cam So Our Fans Could Watch. Both Marky And Huey Were Definately Fine With That. Let Tricky Hold The Camera (He’s Gotta Be Good For Something Right?) Shackled Marky’s Feet Up, And Took Turns Mountin’ Him With Huey Till I Came Inside His Ass. After Gettin’ Filled Up Real Deep, I Bust Another Load All Over Marky’sDick And Balls Which He Used To Jack His Own Dick Off And Nutt. I Swear We Fucked For About 3Hours That Night And Got The Edit Down To About 42minutes. Theres Another Part To This Coming So Stay Tuned If You Like This Saga. More

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    Angry Morning – Another Load (Internal Creampie)

    Another Load – Internal Creampie

    So They Decided They Wanted To Go At It Again. This Time, Hueys Pre-Filled ButtHole Was Used Once Again That Same Morning As A Tool To Drain And Edge Yuck’s Massive Cock. He Used Huey’s Ass To Prime That Cock So He Could Get It Masted And Ready For Huey To Jump On Top And Ride It Till Completion. Yuck Was Ready To “Smash That Ass” And The Faggots AssHole Was Already Opened And Lubed With His First Load …Mmmmm So Ready For Him To Push Right In. Huey Climbed On Top Of Yuck And Yuck’s Cock Began To Find Its Way Into The Young Twinks “Training In Progress” Hole. As It Entered Hueys Butt, He Felt A Tingling Sensation That Immediately Went Up Into His Guts. He Couldn’t Decide If It Was Pain Or If Was A Pleasure. Yuck Didn’t Seem To Care How He Felt, He Was Ready To Finish What Started As A Simple Blow Job While He Got His Xbox On. He Began To Butt Fuck The Teen Faggot And Pound Into That Ass. Huey’s Only Choice Was To Hold On Tight, Grit His Teeth Hard, And Take It. Yuck Bucked Into Him So Hard That It Almost Seemed Like Huey Was Riding A Bull And About To Be Thrown Off. Once Yucks Piss Hole Began To Swell, Huey Knew It Was A Sign For Him To Open Up His Hole To Receive That Warm Nutt Once Again. As Yucks Load Began To Drain From His Balls, He Could Feel It Drizzling Out Of Hueys Ass And Down Yucks Big Black Cock. He Felt Every Inch Of That Pulsating Cock Inside Of Him And Felt Every Ounce Of That Hot Thick Fluid Drench His Insides. More

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