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Everyone Remembers Last Year When Me And Erick First Got Kody Over And Enticed Him To Take His First Dick. He Did Everything I Told Him No Matter How Uncomfortable It Made Him Feel Or How Bad It Hurt When I Stretched His Hole(See Tooken - The Rookie). About A Week Ago, Kody Called Me Out Of The Blue And Asked What I Was Up To. I Told Him I Had Some Friends Over (Huey And Blaze) And That We Were About To Watch Some Def Comedy Jam. He Asked If He Could Come Over And Hang Out A Bit And I Told Him Yeah Even Though Blaze, Huey, And Myself Had Just Done A Show A Few Hours Previously.  I Wasnt Really In The Mood To Do Another Show, So I Pulled Out The Cameras Just In Case One Of The Other Dudes Wanted To Play Around. About Half-way Into The Flick, I Had Noticed Kody Staring At The Print In My Pants Constantly. Whenever I Caught Him Doing It He'd Just Snicker To Himself, Or Turn Away And Pretend He Was Looking At Something Else. Acting All Timid And Shit Just Like The First Time.

The Heat Was Rising In The Room. I Knew He Understood His Role In All Of This And That He Knew What He Would Likely Be Doing Within The Next Few Moments. Even I Was Already Thinking Of The Things I'd Done To Him Before When I Got His Cherry. My Dick Started Gettin Hard And The Fucker Kept Starin' So I Just Said "Fuck It, Ayo, We 'Bout To Fuck You Boy And Turn You Into A Man!"  He Replied "Yes Sir i Know Sir" And This Is How We Did It. . . . . .   - The Freak King


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  • I LOVE Kody. Dude is hot as fuck. You should just do an entire “Making Kody Bottom Out” series. LOL! ;)